Nepal - 2.2.11 Minor Domestic Airport - Janakpur


Aerial view of Janakpur Airport-Dhanusa, Province-2 

Airport Overview 

Janakpur Airport is a domestic airport in Janakpurdham Sub Metropolitan City of Dhanusa district in Madhesh Province and is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). It is located 4 km away from Janakpur city. Janakpur Airport was built on 13 February 1960. National airline operators operate direct flights from Kathmandu to Janakpur daily.  

The airport resides at an elevation of  233 feet ( 71 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 09/27 with an asphalt surface measuring  1306 by 30 metres ( 4248 ft × 98 ft)  


Security of the airport periphery is provided by Nepal Army and security to the passenger is provided by Nepal Police.  

Administrative Services: 

SUN-THU 10:00 -17:00 LT (SUMMER),  

10:00-1600 LT (WINTER), FRI 10:00-1500 LT  

Air Traffic Service:  

1) From 16 Feb - 15 Nov (0015 - 1815) UTC  

2) From 16 Nov - 15 Feb (0045 - 1815) UTC 

Airport Location and Contact 



Province or District 


Nearest Town or City  
with Distance from Airport 

Janakpur - 4 km 

Airport’s Complete Name 

Janakpur Airport    





Elevation (ft and m) 

233 ft. / 71 m. 

IATA Code 


ICAO Code 


Managing Company or Airport Authority 

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal Janakpur Civil Aviation Office, Janakpurdham, Dhanusha  

Te1- 977-041-590057  

Hot Line - 977-041- 590053  

Tower - 977-041-590052  


Email : 

Management Contact Person 




NGO and/or UN Presence at Airport? 



Runway #1 

Runway Dimensions 

 1306 m x 30 m 

Runway Orientation 


Runway Surface 

Asphalt /10 

Runway Condition 

Good - blacktop and operational 


Airport Infrastructure Details 


Passenger / Cargo Security Screening  

  • X-Ray:  Yes 

  • Metal Detector: Yes  

  • CCTV:  Yes Surveillance, UHF Band Communication System : No  

  • FIDS: Yes 

Runway Lighting 

  • Yes - PAPI   

  • Night Operation -AFLTS Available 

Refueling Capacity 

Yes: 120 KL, Available and Provided by Nepal Oil Corporation   

Storage Capacity (KL): Bonded Tank I - 30 KL Bonded Tank II - 30 KL Storage Type: Bonded Tank Refueller Details: AR 40 (16KL  

Ground Handling Services 

Yes with the local airline: Self Managed by respective airlines. 

Air Traffic Control  

Yes; Aerodrome and Approach Service. Permitted VFR 

Fire Fighting Equipment  

Fire Vehicle and Portable type fire extinguisher available. 

Complementary Extinguishing Agents and Fire Extinguishers (wheel type fire extinguishers also available, Small fire vehicle available 

Weather Information 

Associated MET Office, After-hours Met Office   

Aircraft Parking Space 

Yes-   3 ATR 72 aircraft 

Navigation Aids  

Yes /  NDB  

Perimeter Fencing  

Yes – Iron net fencing 


Yes- 3 ( East- Middle- West points. 



Fuel Services Charges 

The airport takes support from Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) for the provision of Jet fuel for the aircraft. The fuel reserve owned by Nepal Oil Corporation is maintained outside the airport compound. 


Price per Litre USD - $ 

Jet A-1 

 1.02 (Duty Paid) *   




*As of   Oct 13, 2023 Exchange Rate: 1 US$ = 132.90 NPR 

Royalties / Non Objection Fees (NOFs)  

Airport charges landing charges as per the Airport Service Charge Regulation 2078  



1. Bird Activity a) Sometimes cases of bird concentrations in the vicinity of aerodrome may be encountered.  

b) 2. No Special procedures have been adopted to control these bird concentrations except driving them through guards and security personnel. 

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