2.1.1 India Port of Kolkata

Port Overview

Nepal is a land-locked country and relies on the Kolkata Port in India for handling practically all of its sea freight imports.  Kolkata Port is India's only riverine port with two dock systems - Kolkata Dock System at Kolkata with the oil wharves at Baj Baj and a deep water dock system at Haldia Dock Complex for seaborne trade. It has sophisticated port and extensive storage facilities for diverse cargo. The container terminal is computerized.  Large volumes of humanitarian aid for Nepal passes through the Kolkata Port, such as WFP’s food. 





Province or District

West Bengal

Nearest Town or City


Port's Complete Name

Port of Kolkata





Managing Company or Port Authority

Kolkata Port Trust

Management Contact Person

+91 2230-537
+91 2203 451 (ext. 201)
+91 776 11110 

Port Picture

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

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Port Performance

During 2008-09, Kolkata Port (KoPT) handled traffic of 54.05 million tons compared to 57.3 million tons handled in 2007-08. The decline in traffic is due to the transfer of POL (crude oil) through Paradip-Haldia Pipeline, and a decline in iron ore traffic due to the volatile iron ore market and global economic crisis. During 2008-09, KoPT ranked 5th amongst all Indian Major Ports in respect of volume of traffic handled (1st: Kandla – 72.225 million tons; 2nd: Visakhapatnam - 63.908 million tons; 3rd: Chennai – 57.491 million tons, 4th: JNPT – 57.281 million tons). KoPT ranked second among Indian major ports in coke coal handling during 2008-09. The port handled 5.93 million tons and registered a growth of 8.3 percent, higher than the average growth (7.13 percent) registered by Indian major ports. KoPT handled 429,417 TEUs in 2008-09 compared to 425,405 TEUs in 2007-08. Kolkata Port ranked third among Indian Major Ports in respect to containerized cargo handled. By handling 41,379 TEUs, KoPT surpassed its earlier record of 40,220 TEUs handled in February 2008. In August 2008, Kolkata Dock System handled an all-time traffic record. By handling 28,128 TEUs it surpassed its earlier record of 27,562 TEUs handled in August 2007.

Customs Guidance

For more information on customs in Nepal, please see the following link: 1.3 Nepal Customs Information

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