Nepal - 2.1.7 Tatopani Dry Port

Port Overview 

Tatopani Inland Clearance Depot (ICD) is located in Tatopani village, Sindhupalchok, Bagmati Province, directly on Nepal’s Northern border with China, 114 km North East of Kathmandu. Tatopani and Rasuwa in Langtang are Nepal’s two main border crossing points with China. Construction of Tatopani ICD included improvement of the 112-meter-long bridge over the Bhotekoshi River and a 6.5 KM road track that connects the two countries.  


The entry point was closed from January 27 to March 29, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the 2015 Nepal Earthquake, the Araniko Highway leading to Tatopani has been frequently blocked for all traffic due to large active landslides. The road has been re-opened, but the landslide risk remains high, especially during monsoon season. 

Port website: Tatopani ICD.  

Port Location and Contact 



Province or District 

Bagmati Province, Sindhupalchok 

Nearest Town or City 

with Distance from Port 

Banepa at 87 kms SW along H03 

Port's Complete Name 

Inland Container Depot at Tatopani 





Managing Company or Port Authority 


Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board (Port Authority) 

Trans Silk Terminal Pvt. Ltd. (Managing Company) 

Management Contact Person 

Anirudra Thapa (Trans Silk) 

Mobile: 9851316958 

Tatopani Dry Port  

Larcha, Sindhupalchok, Nepal 

Customs Contact Person 

Dayananda KCLarcha, Sindhupalchok, Nepal 

Mob: 9851137131 

Phone: 011-480131 


Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures 

TIA at Kathmandu District.  

Port Picture 


Aerial View of Tatopani ICD 




International Standard Inland Container Depot at Tatopani, Sindhupalchok 

Picture Source: New Spotlight Online 

Description and Contacts of Key Companies 


Agencies related to Operation of ICD 


Multimodal Transport Operators 

Nepal Intermodal Transport Development Board 

Transport Management Company 

Trans Silk Terminal Pvt. Ltd 


Tatopani Customs Office 

Freight Forwarders 

Silk, Namaste, Rewang 


Nabil Bank 


Plant, Animal and Food 

Shipping lines 


Customs Agent 

Government licensed agents 


For more information on port contacts, please see the following link: 4.4 Port and Waterways Companies Contact List

Port Performance 

Major goods imported via the checkpoint are medicines, fruits, electronic appliances, ready-made garments, and shoes. The movement of cargo happens between 10 am to 8 pm.  

  • Maximum trucks: 80-100 per day  

  • Daily average: 30 – 40 trucks per day 

  • Average clearing time:  2 – 4 hrs/truck 

  • There is rarely a backlog. All trucks are cleared daily.  


Congestion and in-access to the customs point can happen as a result of landslides blocking the Araniko highway, the only route to and from the Tatopani ICD. 


Seasonal Constraints 



Time Frame 

Rainy Season 


 June - September 

Major Import Campaigns 


 August - October 

Other Comments 

 The risk of roadblocks due to landslides remains high especially during monsoon season (June – September) 


Handling Figures for 2023 

Vessel Calls 


Container Traffic (TEUs) 



Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges 

Service rate declared by the operation committee of Nepal Intermodal Transportation Development Board and issued by Trans Silk Pvt. Ltd. for Tatopani ICD: Tariff – Trans Nepal Freight Services ( 

Note: 13% VAT applicable on above-mentioned charges. 


Port Handling Equipment 



Available Numbers 



25 Ton 


20 Ton 


3 Ton 

The port is also equipped with a Weigh Bridge and a Grant Crane for loading and unloading containers. 


Customs Guidance 

Tatopani Customs, a significant border-crossing point between Nepal and China, offers both traditional and modern, web-based clearance methods. Small goods are typically cleared using the traditional approach, while larger items and containers are processed through the internationally recognized ASYCUDA system. This port employs an automated customs clearance process via the ASYCUDA system, enabling the pre-clearance of goods. The pre-clearance procedure typically takes 1-2 business days. 

For more information on customs in Nepal, please see the following link: 1.3 Customs Information.   

Terminal Information 


A multipurpose terminal at Tatopani ICD serves both import and export cargos. The facility has three open yards capable of storing 10 FEUs each, a warehouse measuring 40 ft x 300 ft and an open shed measuring 40 ft x 300 ft. 




  • Parking available for 100 trucks 

  • 3 Open yards capable of accommodating 10 FEUs each. 

  • 1 warehouse with an area of 1143.83 m2 

  • 1 open shed with an area of 1143.83 m2 

Storage Type 

Number of Storage Facilities 

Area (m2) 

Bagged Cargo 



Refrigerated Cargo 

No, but the Plug-in is available 


General Cargo 

1 warehouse 




Hinterland Information 

This port is connected only by road, and goods are transported to and from this port on trucks. Several transport companies are available in this port, Silk Transport and Rewang Transport are the major trucking companies available at this border point, among them Silk has the largest fleet of vehicles. 

Port Security 

The port premises are secured by a compound wall. A private security firm along with the Armed Police Force (APF) provides security 24/7. 


ISPS Compliant 


Current ISPS Level  
(Level 1 = Normal, Level 2 = Heightened, Level 3 = Exceptional) 


Police Boats 


Fire Engines 




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