Brinland - LRT - 2.1 Brinland Ports Assessment

Brinland is served by ports in Brinland, Northland, and Southland. 

Brinland Ports

Brindisi Port is the main international port of Brinland, but it is congested and its handling facilities are in poor condition.

For more information on the Port of Brindisi, please see the following link: 2.1.1 Brinland Port of Brindisi

The Port of Punta Della Contessa in Bronze Province is an important fishing port and marina for sail boats.

A well-developed river barge service runs between Ouro Dagima and Bekario via Ba Louquivala. The service is mostly used to transport construction materials, such as stone and gravel, between Mineshire and coastal localities in Emerald Province.


Bari Port, Northland

Bari is the main port of Northland and also caters foreign trade for Brinland which is then re-routed by either road or rail. The port offers less capacity and services than Brindisi Port. Nonetheless, the port has good infrastructure and is well connected to the rest of Northland and Brinland. Bari Port plays an important role in the economic uplift of activities in the North of Brinland given the constant congestion of Brindisi.


Lecce Port, Southland

Lecce Port in Southland offers 1 multipurpose berth. The port offers facilities for vessels up to 25,000 DWT. The port also offers a range of floating craft and cargo handling equipment. Draught at the port is 8 mt. Both Bari Port and Lecce Port offer trans-shipment packages. Custom clearance is quite fast in both ports.


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