Brinland - LRT - 1.3 Brinland Customs Information

Strict regulatory requirements on importation of medical supplies with approvals from 4 ministries (health, foreign affairs, security, finance) taking approximately 3 weeks for approval.

Transit Regime

Major Entry and Transit Points

Brindisi, Aproko, Dottima 

Border Crossing Points

Chandro (Cobalt), Fasano (Cobalt), Dottima (Diamond), Aproko (Amethyst), Bratina (Bronze)

Customs procedures for cargo clearance at entry points

To be discussed with agents and customs authorities

Estimated duration for cargo custom clearance

1-2 days

Estimated cost for cargo custom clearance

Average 0.5% total cargo cost

Cost to be discussed with agents and customs authorities

For information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Brinland Government Contact List

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