Papua New Guinea
3.2 Papua New Guinea Transporters

Papua New Guinea Transporters

Transport Market Overview

Transport in PNG relies more on coastal shipping and air operations than on the roads.

Sector Road Map

The poor condition of Papua New Guinea’s transport infrastructure inhibits mobility and makes basic services inaccessible to many households. A nation’s productivity and competitiveness is partly a function of its ability to move people and goods efficiently to markets. PNG’s fragmented transport network system limits the markets producers can sell to, fosters local monopolies, and raises costs considerably.

Transport Companies

The major operators, whether they are specific transport specialists (Steamships, Consort, Swire, Agility, Express Freight Management, etc.) or important industrial actors (Mainland Holding, etc.); are all trying to run different transport activities. The only sector that remains very specific is the air transport sector, where the companies present are only implementing this kind of operations.

For a list of companies offering air transport, sea transport, coastal shipping or logistics operations, please select the following document:

PNG Transporters List

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