Papua New Guinea
3.5 Papua New Guinea Additional Service Providers

Papua New Guinea Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other Markets

4.2.5 Papua New Guinea Additional Service Provision Contact List

Main Food Suppliers

PNG Food Production

  • A small proportion of land can sustain cash crops, including coffee and cocoa (arable land: 0.49%)
  • Permanent crops: 1.4%
  • Other: 98.11% (2005)

Main Production

  • Coffee, cocoa, copra, palm kernels, tea, sugar, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables, vanilla; shell fish, poultry, pork.
  • Rice is becoming a staple food.
  • The food market is - except for flour & rice on the import side and coffee & tea for the export - not organized as an industry with organized & stabilized food pipelines.
  • Even if nearly all food products may be found in the country, the local suppliers only maintain a minimal stock and are not ready signing stand-by agreement or buffer stocks agreement with the humanitarian agencies.

For a list of the main food suppliers, please select the following document:

PNG Local Supplies Market List


For a list of accommodation providers in the country, please select the contact list given above.

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