Vanuatu - 2.1 Port Assessment



There are two international ports in Vanuatu: Port of Port Vila in Efate Island (Shefa Province) and the Port of Luganville in Espiritu Santo Island (Sanma Province). The Port of Port Vila is the principal port and consists of one multipurpose wharf to handle cruise ships and oil tankers and the newly constructed Lapetasi wharf which handles international cargo vessels. A smaller wharf is still under construction, and it will cater for domestic inter-island cargo carriers. 

The Port of Luganville handles dry and wet cargoes. The port is government-owned and is known for the import of general goods and oils and the export of fish, beef and copra. The Port of Luganville has facilities for accommodating cruise ships and oil tankers carrying crude oil. 

Vanuatu has four ports that offer customs and immigration clearance to yachts: Port of Port Vila on Efate, Port of Luganville on Espiritu Santo, Sola Port on Vanua Lava and Port Resolution on Tanna. 

Besides the ports, cruise ships can also moor at the anchorage near the Mystery islands and close to Champagne Beach. During diving season (April to June), vessels can moor at Pangi in Penama Province. 



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