Türkiye - 3.5 Food and Additional Suppliers

The food market in Türkiye covers all edible products that are bought and consumed for nutrient-based purposes. The market includes both fresh and processed foods and consists of 13 different segments: the dairy products & Eggs segment covers animal products, the Meat segment covers animal products, the Fish & Seafood segment, Fruits & Nuts cover fresh (processed and frozen), the Vegetables segment (processed and frozen), Bread & Cereal products, Oils and Fats, Sauces and Spices ,the Convenience food (ready-to-eat meals and meals that require little effort to prepare), Spreads and Sweeteners (food or beverages) Confectionery & Snacks ( sweet, savory, and salty food,  Baby food &  Pet food. 

The market's largest segment is the segment Confectionery & Snacks 

Also, Türkiye’s agricultural economy is among the top ten in the world, with half of the country consisting of agricultural land and nearly a quarter of the population employed in agriculture.  

Türkiye is a major producer of wheat, sugar beets, milk, poultry, cotton, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, and is the top producer in the world for apricots and hazelnuts. 

Türkiye imports oilseeds, including soybean and meal, as well as grain products, as animal feed inputs for its meat and rapidly growing poultry sectors.  

Türkiye also imports inputs for its food processing and bakery sector and additional cotton as an input for its advanced textile industry. 

In addition it is not a self-sufficient country when it comes to pulses and must import them.  

The country has a developed food processing industry with good quality products and competitive pricing . The food processing industry is one of the few industries with a trade surplus. Türkiye continues its structure with small- and medium-sized companies in food processing sector. The small number of large companies have modern techniques and technology, internationally operating enterprises are pioneering the sectoral development. 


Generic country information can be located from sources which are regularly maintained and reflect current facts and figures. For a general overview of country data related to the service and supply sectors, please consult the following sources: 

The Observatory of Economic Complexity – MIT (OEC):  

Türkiye (TUR) Exports, Imports, and Trade Partners | OEC - The Observatory of Economic Complexity 


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