Türkiye - 3.3 Manual Labour

Labour market in Türkiye is managed and supervised by ISKUR (Türkiye Is Kurumu). Turkish Employment Agency established for aiding activities of protecting, improving, generalizing of employment and preventing unemployment, and for executing unemployment insurance services has obtained a structure that enables it to implement active and passive labour force policies alongside its classical services of finding jobs and employees within an extended area. 

Reference: https://www.iskur.gov.tr/en  

Türkiye has a government-mandated minimum wage. No worker in Türkiye should be paid less than this minimum pay rate. Minimum wage as per the latest update in Türkiye is 11,402 TRY / 428,72 USD (August 2023). 

Labour Rate(s) Overview 


(Local Currency & USD - $) 

Rate as of 08/2023 

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour) 

250TRY / 9,39USD 

27.202 TRY 

Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour) 



Skilled Worker 

381TRY / 14,27USD 

27.202 TRY 


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