Costa Rica
3.1 Costa Rica Fuel

Fuel Overview

Fuel in Costa Rica is managed by Refinadora Costarricense de Petroleo S.A. (RECOPE), a government institution.

Consumer prices are established by the Public Services Regulatory Authority.

Costa Rica imports fuel and other such goods using RECOPE via the oil dock in Moín, Limón where shipments of raw materials are received. RECOPE built the National Fuel System, a unique complex in Central America, through which the product is pumped from Moín to Barranca in Puntarenas, crossing practically the entire country from east to west. This is the safest and most economical means for the transfer of clean fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. There are also four distribution, sale and storage facilities interconnected by pipelines.

For more information on government and fuel provider contact details, please see the following links: 4.7 Fuel Provider Contact List

Information may also be found at: which is updated monthly. 

Fuel Pricing

Prices are calculated based on the international price of the product, the exchange rate, the operating margin of the Service Stations, Carriers, RECOPE and taxes.

Fuel Prices per Litre as of: 01 MAR 18

(local currency and USD - $)

Petrol 95

1.15 USD / litre


0.96 USD / litre


0.74 USD / litre

Jet A-1

0.94 USD / litre

Seasonal Variations 

Seasonal Variations

Are there national priorities in the availability of fuel? (i.e. are there restrictions or priorities for the provision of fuel such as to the military?)


Is there a rationing system?


Is fuel to lower income / vulnerable groups subsidized?


Can the local industry expand fuel supply to meet humanitarian needs?


Is it possible for a humanitarian organization to directly contract a reputable supplier / distributor to provide its fuel needs?


Fuel Transportation

Trucks transport fuel out of the 4 pumping and services stations.  The distribution plant with the most commercial and operational activity is located in Moin / Limon, where the refining plant is also located. From there, the fuel is transported by trucks to the central plateau of Costa Rica. 

Standards, Quality and Testing

RECOPE laboratory tests and the equipment calibration are accredited by the Ente Costarricense de Acreditacion (ECA).

The quality control laboratories of Moín, El Alto, La Garita and Barranca, have as their main objective, to guarantee through physical and chemical tests, that Costa Rica’s supply of fuels comply 100% with the regulations established by Central American countries and national regulations.

Most common quality tests performed under RECOPE Labs are:

  • Octane in gasoline (ASTM 2699)
  • Distillation cycle (ASTM D86)
  • Vapor pressure (ASTM D6378)
  • Sulfur (ASTM D4294 / D2622)
  • Density (ASTM D4052)
  • Flash point (ASTM D93 / D56)
  • Viscosity (ASTM D2171)

Industry Control Measures

Do tanks have adequate protection against water mixing with the fuel?


Are there filters in the system which monitor where fuel is loaded into aircraft?


Is there adequate epoxy coating of tanks on trucks?


Is there a presence of suitable firefighting equipment?


Standards Authority

Is there a national or regional standards authority?


If yes, please identify the appropriate national and/or regional authority.

National: RECOPE


If yes, are the standards adequate/properly enforced?


Testing Laboratories

Are there national testing laboratories?


Fuel Quality Testing Laboratory



Standards Used

•           Octane in gasoline (ASTM 2699)

•           Distillation cycle (ASTM D86)

•           Vapor pressure (ASTM D6378)

•           Sulfur (ASTM D4294 / D2622)

•           Density (ASTM D4052)

•           Flash point (ASTM D93 / D56)

•           Viscosity (ASTM D2171)

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