Ukraine - 3.4 Additional Service Providers

Additional Service Providers

Vehicle Rentals

General details on vehicle renting relations is provided in the dedicated article by Visit Ukraine.

Here’s the list of most well-known personal vehicle rental services in Ukraine:



OLX is also a space for a more peer-to-peer approach in car rentals, but caution is advised when using this service for any matter. Taxi parks also offer renting services (probably prudent for constant business use). For that matter Ukrtranspark and Southpark are available.

Auto Transport Operators

According to the Ukrainian statistics bureau (sampled by regional presence):

  • Kiev. Kyivpastrans, Kyivske ATP 2240
  • Lviv. Lvivske ATP 14631
  • Kramatorsk. Kramatorske ATP 11410
  • Vinnytske ATP 10554. Vinnytsya.
  • Zaporizke ATP 12355, Zaporozhye.

Freight Forwarding Companies

The most popular freight forwarders are UkrPoshta (state’s delivery service), Nova Poshta and Meest Express. Foreign forwarders exist as well: DHL and UPS.


A list of more discrete freight forwarders can be found at Clutch’s rating site or on Association of International Freight Forwarders of Ukraine.


Furthermore, the Logistics Cluster Ukraine and is also maintaining a Supplier & Service Providers List, which is available at here


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