Tukastan - 1.2 Tukastan Customs Information

Duties and Tax Exemption

Requirements for technical staff entering the country (i.e. visa, vaccination, Security Phase, etc.)

Visa required for European citizens. Security Phase 4 in Nesebach-Zopfback. Phase 2 In the rest of the country.

For contact information regarding government custom authorities, please follow the link below: 

Tukastan Government Contact List

Customs Clearance

General Information

Customs procedures for cargo clearance at entry points are to be discussed with agents and customs authorities

Estimate duration for cargo custom clearance and cost

 2-3 weeks depending on cargo category - cost to be discussed with agents and customs authorities, average 0.5% total cargo cost.

Transit Regime

Passable Overland entry points: 

There are two known functioning border crossings:

  1. Vohl-Pfostina
  2. Zirbn

Conditions of other crossing points currently unknown. 

Description of entry procedures at overland entry points: Ref. commercial transport/transit procedures issued by Ministry of Commerce and Finance.

Border Crossing Points

Capacity per month


Operating hours

to be negotiated with company

Frequent Congestion


Drier Support Facilities


Fuel Availability


Communication Facilities


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