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The main airport for Israel is Tel Aviv- Ben Gurion Airport, Ben Gurion Airport, commonly known by its Hebrew acronym as Natbag, is the main international airport of Israel and the busiest airport in the country, located on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod, which is about 45 km northwest of Jerusalem and 20 km to the southeast of Tel Aviv.

Another international airport, Eilat’s new Ramon Airport has officially opened just 18 km north of the city Eilat as of January 21, 2019. The new Ramon Airport has replaced the two existing airports in Eilat, Eilat City Airport and Ovda Airport, and creates a new international gateway to Southern Israel and the Red Sea. The Ramon Airport is expected to handle up to 2 million passengers a year upon opening with expansion allowing capacity of up to 4.2 million passengers by the year 2030. All domestic flights to the old Eilat City Airport from Tel Aviv and Haifa have now moved to the new Eilat Ramon Airport, whilst the airport will also begin handling low-cost and charter flights from Europe which previously arrived to Ovda Airport.

There are several small airports all over Israel – Rosh Pina, Haifa and Herzelia. Also, in the past there was an airport to the north of Jerusalem which called Qalandia Airport, which was closed from a long time ago and now the plan is to change the area into an Industrial Zone Area. Also, all over Israel there are roads that can be used as an airport during the emergencies.

Ben Gurion Airport Website

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Israel Airports Authority - Haifa Airport

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Israel Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority is an integral part of the Ministry of Transport and is responsible for the licensing and monitoring of the Civil Aviation sector. The CAA advises the Ministry of Transport on aviation issues, conducts economic and statistical surveys and participates in international activities including the negotiation process of air agreements and the representation of the State of Israel in ICAO and other international aviation organizations.

Their office hours are from 0800 to 1600 Sunday through Thursday.

Israel Airports Authority Website


Weather services

The Israeli Meteorological Service is the "Designated Meteorological Authority" in Israel and the only authorised provider of basic aviation meteorological information

The national meteorological network includes 110 stations; 40 conventional stations and 70 automatic stations.

Israel Meterological Service Website 


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