South Sudan, Republic of
South Sudan, Republic of - 1.2 Regulatory Departments and Quality Control

South Sudan National Bureau of Standards is responsible for the country’s national infrastructure in terms of standardization, metrology, and accreditation. However, the accreditation body has not been activated. The other stakeholders of the NQI system include various government ministries such as ministries of: Health, Environment and forestry, Livestock and Fisheries, Agriculture and Food Security, Trade and Industry, Transport, Roads and Bridges, Land, Housing and Urban Development, Information and Communication, Energy and Dams and agencies/parastatal bodies such as Drug and Food Control Authority (DFCA), National Communication Authority (NCA), South Sudan Roads Authority (SSRA), South Sudan Urban Water Corporation (SSUWC), South Sudan Electricity Corporation (SSEC) and South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Responsibility for technical regulation and product certification currently falls under the purview of the SSNBS. SSNBS is responsible for ensuring fairness of trade and the protection of consumers against substandard, shoddy, and hazardous products. SSNBS support for trade includes the development and implementation of standards for various sectors mainly through product conformity assessment (testing, inspections, and certification). Conformity assessment is undertaken by different government agencies. For instance, the inspection of medicines and other regulated products is conducted by the DFCA while NCA conducts the inspection of electronic products, especially telecommunication products.

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