2.2 Micronesia Aviation

Key airport information may also be found at: http://worldaerodata.com/

The capitals in each of the four states Kolonia in Phonpei, Weno in Chuuk, Colonia in Yap and Okat in Kosrae accommodate airports with international and domestic services. International carrier’s specifically United airlines operate international routes flying the domestic legs between the Capital Islands. 

Commercial air services to the islands outside the capitals (outer islands) have only been provided by small light aircraft through Caroline Islands Air (CIA) (not currently operating) and to a lesser extent Pacific Missionary Aviation (PMA) which exclusively services Yap.  

As a State-Owned Enterprise (i.e. a Government-owned corporation)  CIA is designed to offer essential services to the Nation whilst also operating relatively independently. CIA is currently (September 2022) awaiting delivery of a replacement Islander Aircraft to enable it to resume its service. 

Some islands only have the capacity to land an 8 seater due to runway length others have the capacity to land a 19 seater. 

Asia Pacific Airlines fly a regular 767 cargo aircraft charter service to the main islands to service the offshore fishing fleets for delivery of fresh chilled fish to the asian markets. On occasion the FSM Government has contracted this service to carry freight inwards as a backload. 

All International airports comply with FAA standards and are governed and regulated out of the United States. Within FSM all airports come under the jurisdiction of the Division of Civil Aviation Authority of the Department of Transport and infrastructure who regulate and undertakes compliance across FSM at a National level. 

At a state level the responsibility of the Airport falls under local Port Authorities in Pohnpei and Kosrae and the Department of Transport and Public works in Chuuk and Yap 

Ongoing Improvements to outer Islands airfields is planned as funding allows.  

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