Ukraine - 2.1.2 Port of Ilichevsk (Chornomorsk)


Port Overview

Situated on the NW shore of the Black Sea, approximately 25km SW from Odesa City. The port is open all year round. Icebreaker assistance is occasionally required in severe winters.

Leading Lights of the Sukhoy Liman should be followed when proceeding to port. A traffic separation scheme is in operation for the vessels approaching from the SE, and is indicated on the charts.

There is a traffic roundabout where the onward route to Odessa branches NNW. The approach channel is 1200 m long, 140 m wide, and 13.5 meters deep. Speed is limited to 6 knots. The draught of inbound vessels must not exceed 11.5 meters.

Largest Vessel: Max permissible length is 280 m, max d 11.8 m.


During the war the port Chornomorsk was one of the key participants of the grain initiative that enabled sea grain export from Ukraine. However, starting from 17 July 2023, the initiative was terminated by Russia and the port became de facto blocked with no vessels arriving or departing. In July 2023 the port was attacked by multiple Russian rockets. On 19 July 2023 over 60 thousand tons of grain was destroyed in the port because of the Russian rocket attack. The degree of port infrastructure destruction is not disclosed.


Port website: Port of Chornomorsk Website

Key port information can also be found at: Maritime Database Website



Port Location and Contacts




Province or District

NW shore of the Black Sea

Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km)

Name: Odessa City

km: 25km

Port's Complete Name

Port Chornomorsk





Managing Company or Port Authority

Sea Commercial Port of Chornomorsk

Management Contact Person

Tel: +380(482)7389277

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Airport Name: n/a

Airlines: n/a

Port Picture


Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Sea Commercial Port of Chornomorsk, Odessa region 270901, Chornomorsk, Pratsi 6, Tel +38(048) 7389200, +38(048) 7389121. Head of the port: Vyacheslav Voloshyn

Discharge Rates and Terminal Handling Charges

During the war the rates and handling charges are not disclosed.

Berthing Specifications

Port area comprises three basins. There are 28 commercial berths located in the Outer Basin with various depth alongside up to 14m.


Mooring buoys also lie in the Outer Basin and new berths for LASH vessels have recently come into operation.


There is a fish quay situated on the NE side of the port complex with highly mechanised storage facilities. Rail connections to all berth available.


Port terminals & piers:

Entering and existing draft of the port 11,80m and on approaching channel 13,40m.


Terminal Number



Terminal No.1


berth line=306m/draft=12,60m

Terminal No.1


berth line=300m/draft=09,50m

Terminal No.1


berth line=200m/draft=09,30m

Terminal No.1


berth line=120m/draft=09,80m

Terminal No.1


berth line=155m/draft=12,00m

Terminal No.1


berth line=181m/draft=12,00m

Terminal No.2


berth line=220m/draft=09,20m

Terminal No.2


berth line=180m/draft=08,90m

Terminal No.2


berth line=200m/draft=09,60m

Terminal No.2


berth line=221m/draft=09,60m

Terminal No.2


berth line=200m/draft=09,70m

Terminal No.2


berth line=200m/draft=10,00m

Terminal No.2


berth line=175m/draft=10,00m

Terminal No.2


berth line=175m/draft=10,40m

Terminal No.2


berth line=200m/draft=10,30m

Terminal No.2


berth line=200m/draft=10,50m

Terminal No.3


berth line=160m/draft=07,50m

Terminal No.3


berth line=220m/draft=08,60m

Terminal No.3


berth line=200m/draft=08,00m

Terminal No.3


berth line=200m/draft=08,00m

Terminal No.3


berth line=200m/draft=08,20m

Terminal No.3


berth line=200m/draft=08,20m

Terminal No.3


berth line= 90m/draft=05,40m

Terminal No.3


berth line=150m/draft=05,00m

Terminal No.3


berth line=210m/draft=07,60m

Terminal No.3


berth line=210m/draft=07,60m

Terminal No.3


berth line=270m/draft=08,70m

Port Handling Equipment

  • The port has 90 units of portal cranes with 5-40ts capacity
  • 12 units of container re-loaders with 35-45ts capacity
  • 4 units of bridge re-loaders with 10-20ts capacity 22 units of jib cranes with 5-50ts capacity;
  • 4 units of floating cranes with 5-100-300ts capacity and one unit of floating grain re-loader with 400ts/hour capacity.
  • The port offers specialized facilities for handling lifts (max 300ts UW).
  • All piers are equipped with railway tracks, some with up to 10 on-shore lines, enabling to operate with up to 500 railcars per day.


The total container throughput capacity of the port amounts to 1.15M TEU. The storage facilities enable to keep simultaneously up to 26,000 TEU, 18,000 stuffed and 8,000 empty ones among them. Storage capacity of the refrigerator area amounts to 606 plugs. Containers are loaded and unloaded from vessels by means of container ship-to-shore cranes. Container carriages inwards the port and their pickup for consignees are performed by road and railway transport. Container handling is carried out at 5 berths.





Terminal Information


Leading Lights of the Sukhoy Liman should be followed when proceeding to port. A traffic separation scheme is in operation for the vessels approaching from the SE, and is indicated on the charts.

There is a traffic roundabout on the onward route to Odessa branches NNW.The approach channel is 1200 m long, width 140 m and the depth is 13.5 mtrs' speed is limited to 6 knots. The draught of inbound vessels must not exceed 11.5 meters.


Anchorage can be obtained in the outer roads SE of the port entrance, at distance of about 2 miles offshore, in a depth of 20 m; holding ground mud and clay. There is a separate anchorage area for vessels of up to 5000 grt. The outer roads are exposed to winds blowing from the NE to SW through S.


Pilot boards at the outer roads in the vicinity of the mid-channel light buoy. In the event of bad weather, the place of embarkation may be changed. Navigation is permitted at any time of the day or night. All vessel movements in the port limits are regulated from the port control station, from where traffic control lights are exhibited from a mast 52 m in height.

Grain Handling Terminal

The terminal specialized in handling of export-import grain cargoes is situated in the area of berths Numbers 16, 17, close to the station carriage rolling stock Chornomorsk – port that is used for accumulation of wagons before supplying them to the terminal that provides the required productivity of discharging. Length of each berth totals 200 m, the depths amount to 11.5 m. 38 silo towers with the capacity of 5,000 t each, provide for simultaneous storage of 190,000 t of grain. Four stations for wagons discharging and two ships loader units having capacity of 700 t and 900 t per hour, provide for discharging of 250 wagons and shipment of 20,000 t of grain a day. Grain cargo transported to the port by trucks is discharged on special trestles of two trucks unloading stations. Two vessels of Panamax type with displacement of up to 70,000 t each can be handled simultaneously at the terminal. The throughput capacity of the complex amounts to 4 million t. per year.

Specialized Complex for Storage and Handling of Liquid Vegetable Oil

The complex specialized in storage and handling of liquid vegetable oils is located on the upper plateau at the rear of berths Nos. 8-11; oil pipeline is fed out onto berth No. 11. The complex is equipped with electronic system of control, storage and pump-over. The reservoir park enables to store simultaneously 90,000 tons of cargo.


Vegetable oils are supplied from the tank battery to the berths by technological pipelines connecting five pump stations. There are 6 separate technological pipelines at the complex serving for loading oils of various sorts. They carry out loading of up to 12,000 t of cargo aboard a ship (it depends on vessel type), as well as discharging of 88 railway tanks and 50 road tankers per day. The complex is equipped with wage and platform truck scales located in immediate proximity to the discharge jetties. The throughput capacity of the complex amounts to 1.5 million t of vegetable oils per year.

Container Capacities

Today Chornomorsk port possesses the leading positions among Ukrainian ports involved in container handling.


This is a multipurpose logistics complex rendering the full range of services related to containerized cargoes like:

Handling and storage of containers; Operations on containers stuffing; Storage of cargo in the warehouses that have their status of ongoing customs control zone Technical maintenance of customs clearance; Round-the-clock release of containers from the port; Dispatching control of trucks traffic on the territory of the port and on approach roads; Information exchange between all participants of transport process and control bodies.