2.1.14 Egypt Safaga Port

Port Overview

The port is located in the Red Sea Governorate on the western coast of the Red Sea. It is a broad bay (natural gulf) on a distance of 60 km south of Hurgada and on a distance of 225 nm south of Suez port. This broad bay is naturally protected from the east and the north sides by Safaga Island, and protected from the prevailing western winds by mountains. Yet, for a brief interval, it is affected by south winds (El-Azeeb) which causes disturbances and waves inside the port. The port drafts are deep, thus enabling the accommodation of large vessels.  

Admiralty chart: 3043. Admiralty pilot: 64 

Pilotage: Compulsory

Weather: Wind light in the morning, gains strength during day, making tying up more difficult.

Largest vessels: 200 m LOA, 12,2 m max. D.

Provisions and water: Water and provisions available.

Ship repairs: Minor repairs possible.

Towage: Available. 

Further generic information can be found in the following document: Egypt Safaga Port Additional Information 

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Port Location and Contacts



Province or District 


Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km) 

Name: Suez km: n/a 

Port's Complete Name 



26° 44' N 


33° 56' E 

Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation) 

Red Sea Port Authority 

Management Contact Person 


Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations 

Airport Name: n/a 

Airlines: n/a 

Port Picture 

Description and Contacts of Key Companies 

4.4 Egypt Port and Waterways Companies Contact List

Port Specifications 

Total Port Area 

57 km2 (56968000 m2) 

Water Area 

56.5 km2 (56490000 m2 ) 

Land Area 

0.5 km2 (478000 m2) 

Total Warehouses Area 

15000 sq. m. 

Total Yards Area 

160000 sq. m. 

Maximum Capacity 6.37 million tons/year as follows:

  • 2.2 million tons (General Cargo) 
  • 4.17 .million tons (dry bulk) 
  • 750000 passengers 
  • Max Ship Depth that can be accommodated reaches 14m. 
  • Working Hours:Throughout 24 hours  

Berthing Specifications 

Consists of five quays : one used for phosphate, two for g/cargo and passenger ferries, one for grain, and one for rock phosphate. Rock phosphate and ground phosphate are loaded at this port for shipment all over the world. Rock phosphate loaded (1000 t/day) from elevator and phosphate in bags by ship's gear. The loading of bulk phosphate is carried out at the company's pier, depth 8.39 m. Grain terminal at depth a/side of 14 m. Silo capacity of 100000 t. 

Detailed Berths Information 

Berth Number 

Length (m.) 

Depth (m.) 

Number of Bollards 

Passenger and Cargo 

Berth 2 and 3 









Aluminum Berth 

Aluminum Berth 





4 Berths 





Further information on Berthing Specifications can be found in the following document: Egypt Safaga Port Additional Information 

Customs Guidance 

1.3 Egypt Customs Information