1.2 Egypt Regulatory Departments & Quality Control

EOS (Egyptian Organization for Standards & Quality) is considered the competent body in Egypt responsible for granting quality and conformity marks as well as conformity certificates for industrial commodities and products according to the Egyptian and foreign standards. The General Department for Quality is considered the consulting department for establishments, industrial companies and bodies in the fields of industrial quality control and quality assurance and environmental management 

The main tasks of the EOS are as follows: 

  • Providing the appropriate means to achieve the conformity of raw materials, industrial commodities and products to the approved standards including technical researches, studies, controlling and technical inspection, drawing samples and testing them, evaluating the testing results and issuing conformity certificates for the approved standards and the required marks;
  • Granting quality marks for the local industrial products to be conformed to Egyptian standards;
  • EOS is Egypt communication and enquiry point concerned with providing and exchanging information related to conformity assessment procedures on the national, regional and international levels;
  • Providing technical consultations for industrial establishments, companies and bodies in the fields of industrial quality control, quality assurance and environmental management systems;
  • Verifying the accuracy of measurement and testing instruments used in industrial units in all sectors;
  • Training technicians in concerned bodies on the relevant quality and standards activities, as well as holding relevant local and international conferences;
  • Representing Egypt in the international and regional organizations concerned with standards, following up their activities and coordinating quality activities in Egypt with their corresponding abroad;
  • Inspecting products applying for conformity certificates;
  • Issuing periodicals and brochures concerned with EOS activities in the field of quality control;
  • Representing Egypt in the international and regional organizations concerned with standards, quality, measurements and metrology;
  • Developing and issuing Egyptian standards;
  • Granting license for quality mark and conformity certificate for the Egyptian products in various fields;
  • Providing technical consultancy and support in the field of standards and quality;
  • Calibrating measurement and testing equipment for companies and industrial establishments;
  • Testing and inspection of products;
  • Providing info for the concerned bodies on field of standards, quality, measurements and metrology
  • Providing training courses for technicians working in competent authorities and other concerned bodies relevant to standardization, quality, inspection, testing, measuring and calibration activities;
  • Qualifying establishments for applying quality, environment and safety systems;
  • Undertaking the responsibility of the enquiry point for Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement (TBT);
  • Participating in the activities of international standards issued by ISO;
  • Participating in the work of CODEX Alimentarious Committee;
  • Implementing the activities of quality management systems and environmental management systems and consumers' issues corresponding to ISO committees;
  • Carrying out the activities of the national COPOLCO Committee;
  • Issuing the unified Arab standards in cooperation with the Arab Industrial, Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO); and
  • Participating in the activities of African Regional Organization for Standardization (ARSO). 

The General Department for Quality undertakes the following activities: 

  • Inspecting products licensed for quality mark; 
  • Inspecting products applying for quality mark licence; 
  • Inspecting safety and security products in the field of engineering industries to obtain conformity mark; 
  • Inspecting products applying for their prototype adoption; 
  • Inspecting the required technical studies for licensing boilers; 
  • Inspecting trucks; 
  • Evaluating the reports of (engineering, chemical, food products, textile) labs submitted to the department; 
  • Providing technical consultancy for companies and organizations. 



16 Tadreeb El- Modarrebeen st.Ameriya, Cairo 

Web Site: 


Consumer Site: www.eos.org.eg 




+202 2284 5524+202 2284 5522 


+202 2284 5501 

President Tel: 

+202 2284 5529+202 2284 5528 

President Fax: 

+202 2284 5504 

Central Department Director Tel: 

+20 2284 5526 

Customer service: 

+202 2284 5503 

Consumer protection: 

+202 2284 5500 

Information Centre Tel /fax: 

+202 2284 5533 



General Department for Quality: 

+202 2284 5520 

General Department for Standards: 

+202 2284 5507 

General Department for Measurements: 

+202 2284 5506 

General Department for Technical Relations: 

+202 2284 5508 

Food labs: 

+202 2284 5521 


+202 2284 5521 


+202 2284 5503 

Textile labs: 

+202 2284 5517 

Chemical labs: 

+202 2284 5514 

Engineering labs: 

+202 2284 5512 


+202 2284 5523 


+202 2284 5519 


For further information on the National Regulatory Departments contacts identified in the contact list above, please select the following document:http://www.egypt.gov.eg/english/guide/directory.aspx 

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