Ecuador - 2.2.13 Santa Rosa International Airport (Machala)


Airport Overview

Santa Rosa International Airport (also known as Coronel Artilleria Victor Larrea Airport) is an airport serving Machala, the capital of El Oro Province in Ecuador. Located 28 kilometres (12 mi) south in Santa Rosa, it replaces the closed General Manuel Serrano Airport (permanent closed) in Machala, and is designed to handle international flights from Peru.

Within its infrastructure it has a 2,470m x 45m runway, its aircraft with the highest capacity an Airbus A-320, a pre-boarding room for 252 people, radio aids, fire service and ample parking spaces. In addition, this airport not only offers a modern infrastructure, it is also part of the Incentive Plan that has discounts on landing, lighting, flight protection, flight protection en route, parking for more than 4 hours. As well as the subsidy of 40% of air fuel, implemented by the National Government.

Latam Ecuador announced it will operate Santa Rosa from Quito.  Different shrimp farms and banana farms operate from Santa Rosa and have their hangars here as well as Alas del Ecuador flight school. Daily general aviation flights from Guayaquil and other parts of the coast can be seen here. Occasionally, military flights operate to and from Santa Rosa.

Aero-regional is a commercial passenger and cargo airline installed in Ecuador since 2018 with regular and non-scheduled flights, both national and international. Actually Aero-regional has two services to Lima, Perú and Caracas Venezuela based on seasonal charters

Some of the main services of the airport are a medical service and fast-tracked security clearance. In case of any emergency the fire station and ambulances have a prompt response.


Airport Location and Contact



Province or District

El Oro

Nearest Town or City
with Distance from Airport

Machala (28 km)

Santa Rosa (4.8 km)

Airport’s Complete Name

Santa Rosa International Airport





Elevation (ft and m)

21 ft / 6.4 m





Managing Company or Airport Authority

Dirección General de Aviación Civil

Aeródromo Nacional “Santa Rosa”

Management Contact Person

Jefatura Aeropuerto Santa Rosa

Ph: (593) 7 3903460

NGO and/or UN Presence at Airport?


Passenger movements at Santa Rosa Airport in 2022: 12.591 pax


Runways El Universo,


This airport was built next to the Santa Rosa Agro airfield which is a private airstrip used for crop dusting.  Though it is not part of the same airport, the Santa Rosa Agro runway appears in the airport charts. However, both airfields are separate and there is no physical connection between both.  Santa Rosa tower must be contacted for take-off and landing clearance.


Runway #1

Runway Dimensions

2500 m x 30 m

Runway Orientation

  07 / 25

Runway Surface



Runway Condition


  • Aircraft operating on runway 07/25 of the “Santa Rosa” Regional Airport will have priority over those operating on runway 09/27; ATC will authorize the agricultural aircraft to carry out a visual hold away from the approach path or on the ground as the case may be.
  • Operations at the Santa Rosa Regional Airport runways 07/25 and 09/27 will NOT be carried out simultaneously; will be considered one operation at a time. Agricultural aircraft will avoid flying over the runway 07/25


Runway #2

Runway Dimensions

914 m x 18 m

Runway Orientation

 09 / 27

Runway Surface

6800 kg 15000 pounds

Pavement, flexible

Runway Condition


  • The operation on runway 09/27 will be exclusively for agricultural aircraft, which will be subject to authorizations from the Air Traffic Services.
  • Due to the lack of visibility towards runway 09/27 from the Control Tower, ATC WILL NOT USE the phraseology “AUTHORIZED TO TAKE OFF” or “AUTHORIZED TO LAND”, limiting itself to reporting local weather conditions, essential traffic and other instructions. ATC that correspond.
  • Aircraft operating on runway 07/25 of the “Santa Rosa” Regional Airport will have priority over those operating on runway 09/27; ATC will authorize the agricultural aircraft to carry out a visual hold away from the approach path or on the ground as the case may be.
  • Because runway 09/27 is located within the “Santa Rosa” Regional Airport, VFR operations on this runway cannot be carried out if the weather conditions are below the minimum meteorological conditions for VFR flights.


Airport Infrastructure Details


Passenger / Cargo Security Screening


Runway Lighting

Yes 2

Refueling Capacity


Ground Handling Services


Air Traffic Control


Fire Fighting Equipment

Yes CAT 5

Weather Information

Yes 1

Aircraft Parking Space

Yes 4

Navigation Aids

Yes 3

Perimeter Fencing






  1. Associated MET Office: SANTA ROSA   593 2 2947400 Ext. 2435
  2. Approach and landing lights: PAPI Left / 3rd (6M/19FT)
  3. Type of help MAG VAR, type of OPS supported (for VOR/ILS/ MLS, indicated decline): VOR/DME (2°W/2020)  ID:SRVLOC 07 (2°W/2020) ILS CAT I (2°W o 358°) ID: ISR. GP 07 DME
  4. Surface and resistance of the platform:  Surface: Pavement Resistance: PCN: 70/R/D/Y/U



Not established, APN is used. Pavement PCN: 70/R/D/Y/U


Fuel Services Charges

Santa Rosa Airport

fuel types: JET A-1

NOT operational


Royalties / Non Objection Fees (NOFs)