2.1.8 Egypt Port of Abu Zenima

Port Overview

Situated on eastern shore of the Gulf of Suez, 104 km SE of Suez. 

Largest vessel: 152 m length, 20,40 m wide, 7,62 m draft. Height from water line to top of hatch or rail should not exceed 9,75 m. 

Vessels may lie alongside pier head for bowhawsers, a screwpile pier extends 133,5 m SSE from shore. A concrete pier with a shore crane eastward of pier. Situated on eastern shore of the Gulf of Suez, 104 km SE of Suez. Admiralty chart: 753Admiralty Pilot: 64Approach: Abu Zenima bay is entered between Ras Abu Zenima and Cairn Point and has a draft of over 18.3 m. A sand bank extends off shore about 1295 m from Ras Abu Zenima, marked by a conical buoy; on east side, edge of bank is about 185 m from pier head. 

Key port information can also be found at: Website of the Maritime Database on Abu Zenima Port 

Port Location and Contacts 



Province or District 


Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km) 

Name: Cairo km: n/a 

Port's Complete Name 



29° 02' N 


33° 07' E 

Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation) 

Sinai Manganese Co SAE 

Management Contact Person 


Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations 

Airport Name: n/a 

Airlines: n/a 

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

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Customs Guidance

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