2.2.2 Kyrgyzstan Osh International Airport


Osh is an international airport in southern Kyrgyzstan. It is located 11km from town and is open 24 hours. It receives daily flights from 3 international carries as well as six domestic flights a day, from two domestic carriers.

Airport Location and Contact
Country Kyrgyzstan
Province or District Osh
Airport's Complete Name Osh International Airport
Nearest Town or City Osh (12 km)
Latitude 40.60804
Longitude 72.78653
Elevation 2,926.51 ft / 892 m
Managing Company or Airport Authority Joint Stock Company Manas International Airport / Civil Aviation Agency
Management Contact Person
Open from 24 hours
Open to 24 hours

Airport Picture

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

REPLACE THIS TEXT with a short narrative identifying key companies and their duties within the airport. ENSURE COMPANIES IDENTIFIED IN THESE PARAGRAPHS HAVE THEIR CONTACT DETAILS IN SECTION 4.5: Airport Companies Contact List. Create the list by completing the 4.5 template. 

For more information, see the following link: 4.5 Kyrgyzstan Airport Company Contact List

Information on some aviation service providers can be found at: http://www.azfreight.com/

Passenger and Cargo Performance Indicator

REPLACE THIS TEXT with a 1 -2 paragraph narrative on the airport's current performance. Identify if any measures currently underway to improve performance, and if so, expected date of completion and impact. 

Performance for YEAR

Per Year

Per Month

Per Day

Total Aircraft Movements

Total Passengers

Total Capacity of the Airport (MT)

Current Activity of the Airport (MT)

Current use by Humanitarian Flights (UNHAS)

Number of Flights

REPLACE THIS TEXT with a 1 - 2 paragraph narrative on the airport's current cargo capacity. Identify key constraints if any measures currently underway to improve performance, and if so, expected date of completion and impact. 


Runway # 1
Runway Dimensions 2614 m x 45 m
Orientation 12 / 30
Surface Asphalt

Helicopter Pads

REPLACE THIS TEXT with a 2 - 4 sentence narrative on the helipad. Describe overall condition and any current or potential issues which could affect the future usability of the helipad. Delete this section if no helicopter pads are available. 

Helipad #1


Yes / No

Largest Helicopter that can Land

Width and Length (m)


Airport Infrastructure Details

REPLACE THIS TEXT with 1 - 2 paragraphs describing the airfield details. Indicate level of maintenance of the equipment, noted issues by carriers or of any planned upgrades / improvements scheduled. 


Yes / No
(for all fields)

JET A-1 fuel

Yes / No
(for all fields)



Terminal Building

Single Point Refueling

Passenger Terminal

Air Starter Units

Cargo terminal

Ground Power (mobile)

Pax Transport to Airfield

Ground Handling Services

Control Tower

Latrine Servicing

Weather Facilities

Fire Fighting Category (ICAO)

Catering Services

De-icing Equipment

Base Operating Room

Parking Ramp Lighting

Airport Radar

Approach & Runway Lights




Airport Operating Details

Operating Details

Maximum Sized Aircraft that can be Offloaded on Bulk Cargo


Maximum Sized Aircraft that can be Offloaded on Pallet

Total Aircraft Parking Area (m²)

Storage Area (m3 and MT)

Handling Equipment

Elevators / Hi Loaders

Yes / No

Max Capacity (MT)

Max Height


Loading Ramps

Yes / No

Other Comments

Customs Guidance

Entry Point Details

Entry Point Location and Type (sea, land, air, etc.)

Air, Osh Airport

Name of Customs Officer in Charge / Head of Customs Office


Head of Customs, Osh Airport


Osh Airport / Osh City, Kyrgyz Republic

Operating Hours


Telephone Number

+996 551 006814

Fax Number

+996 322 290 215


Osh Airport / Osh City, Kyrgyz Republic

Language(s) Correspondence

Russian; Kyrgyz


The airport has a warehouse with a capacity of 50 MT. Customs does have a warehouse in Osh City with a capacity of 1000 MT.

Customs Information and Document Requirements

As per normal customs clearance. Similar procedures as stated for customs clearance in Manas International Airport.

Clearing System

Organizations are able to clear their own goods. The main clearing/forwarding agent is DHL, who charge $150 USD per consignment.

Storage Facilities

REPLACE THIS TEXT with 2 - 4 paragraphs describing current storage facilities available at the airport. Identify any procedures or issues regarding capacity, documentation, payment, taxes, security, etc.

Airfield Costs

Navigation Charges

Navigation charges are not imposed on humanitarian cargo, provided that the preliminary information including total  freight weight, number of flights, dates are submitted to the Kyrgyz air navigation agency.

Phone + 996 312 69 34 27 / Fax + 996 312 69-39-82.

Navigation Charges (US$)

Aircraft Weight – MTOW (kg)

Navigation (per journey)



32.41 per 100 km



32.41 per 100 km



32.41.per 100 km



32.41 per 100 km



46.31 per 100 km



56.73 per 100 km


and over

57.89 per 100 km

Note: Rate as of 21.12.2014  1 US$=59.60 KGS

Fuel Services Charges

Price per Litre USD - $

Jet A-1


Cargo Terminal Charges

Import Charges

Type of Charge

Rate USD - $ per kg


Handling Charge

Break Bulk Fee

Diplomatic Mail

Strong Room – per consignment

Cold Storage Fee

Delivery Outside Normal Working Hours

Preparation of substitute AOA – Invoice – Receipt

Storage per Day

Grace period (Hours)?


Handling Charges – Un-palletized Cargo

International Air Waybill

Local Air Waybill

Air Way Bill Amendment - Cancellation

Air Way Bill Documentation

Diplomatic Mail

Storage Charges per Day

Air-bridge Charges

REPLACE THIS TEXT with 1 - 2 paragraphs describing air bridge charges (if any) and how such charges are applied. 


REPLACE THIS TEXT with 1 - 2 paragraphs describing current security provision. Identify any known issues and highlight any current plans to upgrade / improve the current security structure. If any current international ranking or security measure exist for the facility, identify here.