Ukraine - 3.2 Manual Labour

Ukraine - 3.2 Manual Labour

Manual Labour Overview

Ukraine has been subject to demographic stagnation pretty much ever since gaining independence in 1991. A decline in fertility rates through the tumultuous 1990s, the traumaticity of workplaces and brain drain are the main causes for this process. The Russo-Ukrainian war, both in 2014-2015 and in 2022-now has further exacerbated the demographic situation by forcing a large proportion of the productive population to leave home and move to other parts of Ukraine or abroad.

Before the Russian invasion, there were 41 million people living in Ukraine. It is estimated that as of August 2023 over 8 million Ukrainians were abroad, mostly in the EU states. Most of the people who left the country are work-age women and children. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, 46.36% of the population are males and 53.64% are females. Even before the Russian invasion, it has been challenging to obtain a young workforce (16-25), somewhat easier - nearing retirement (45-55).

Immigration into Ukraine before the war was minimal and usually temporary - for education purposes, it originates from the Middle East, Sahel and Subsaharan Africa. During the war immigration into Ukraine stopped.

In addition to migration from Ukraine, mobilisation to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the factor contributing to labour shortages. To this end, all males aged 18-60 are barred from exiting the country. Temporary exemptions are present for some categories, such as cross-border humanitarian logistical operations (especially for expeditors towards Europe).


Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Wages and Conditions of Employment

Conditions to employment can be found in the Acacce’s guide thereon on Ukraine.

As of 01 September 2023, the median wage offers in the logistics and transportation sector according to are the following:

  • Loader: UAH 14.5 thsd. / month
  • Warehouse inbound worker: UAH 16 thsd. / month
  • Hodman: UAH 15 thsd. / month
  • Guardsman: UAH 12 thsd. / month
  • Packer: UAH 14 thsd. / month
  • Warehouse outbound worker: UAH 18 thsd. / month
  • Forklift driver: UAH 17 thsd. / month
  • Dispatcher: UAH 20.5 thsd. / month
  • 1C operator: UAH 15 thsd. / month
  • Warehouse head: UAH 18 thsd. / month
  • Expeditor: UAH 18 thsd. / month
  • Logistician: UAH 22 thsd. / month
  • Driver for international shipments: UAH 42.5 thsd. / month
  • Foreign economic activity manager: UAH 40 thsd. / month
  • Economist: UAH 16.5 thsd. / month
  • Analyst: UAH 25 thsd. / month
  • Top manager: UAH 42.5 thsd. / month
  • Logistical department head: UAH 35 thsd. / month
  • Procurement department head: UAH 35 thsd. / month
  • National manager: UAH 40 thsd. / month
  • Regional manager: UAH 30 thsd. / month
  • Project manager: UAH 27.5 thsd. / month

Labour Hourly Wage Rate(s) Overview

Cost (Local Currency & USD - $)

Rate as of

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour)

UAH 92,19 / $2.52


Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour)

UAH 119.53 / $3.27


Skilled Worker

UAH 202.43 / $5.54


Employment services

Ukraine is host to multiple job search sites:

Also, is host to the list of recruiting agencies, which one can turn to in search of more qualified cadres for available positions.