3.6 Kyrgyzstan Additional Services

3.6 Kyrgyzstan Additional Services


There are several recommended hotels in Bishkek and Osh in the below table. In regional centres, accommodation is available at guesthouses or in apartments that are available for rent. The more detailed information is available at www.booking.com 






Golden Dragon Hotel

Elebaev Str.60

+996 312 90 27 71; Fax: (996-312) 902 773


Silk Road Lodge

Abdymomunova Str. 229

+996 312 33 48 89; Fax: (996-312) 324895



Hyatt Regency Bishkek

Abdyrahmanova Str. 191

+996 312 66 12 34;


Asia Mountains Hotel

1 a Lineinaya street

+ (996) 312 69 02 35/34;

+ (996) 312 69 02 35


Urmat Ordo Hotel

Isanova Str. 85

+996 312 31 18 83


Park Hotel

Orozbekova Str. 87

+996 312 66 55 18;


Alpinist Hotel

Panfilova Str. 113

+996 312 59 56 47


Asia Mountains – 2 Hotel

Gorkiy Street 156

(+996 312) 540 206, (+996312) 545 513



Prospect Pobyedy 35, Lebedinovka

+996 (312) 617 150,

+996 (312) 617 152


Jannat Hotel

21/2 Aaly Tokombaeva str

+996 312 909750; 520179


Europa Hotel

70, Ibraimova str.,

+996 312 97 90 70


Boutique Hotel

67/1 Baitik Baatyr

+996 312 593312


Onyx Hotel

141,Gorkiy str.,

+996 312 986 986


Holiday Hotel

204 Abdrahmanov street

+996 312 97 6161,


Shahpalace Hotel

110 Koyonkozova street

+996 312 98 6430



37 Isanova street

+996 312 610707


Plaza Hotel

52 Togolok Moldo

+996 312 537777


Ambassador Hotel

32 Orozbekova str

+996 312 979898








22-1, Ibraimova Str.

0772 294941


40, Frunze market Str.

03222 52338

Sunrise hotel

105 b, Masaliev Str.


Sunrise 2 hotel

25 A, Masalieva Str.,

0772552270, (3222) 87568


Classic hotel

143, Alieva Str.

0778777888, (3222) 77077



TES Hotel

Say Buyu Street

+996 779630603

+996 554554985




Vehicle Rental

There are a number of rental car companies in Kyrgyzstan and all of them provide drivers with the vehicles.  The documents for the vehicle are linked to the driver and are generally not interchangeable.

Rental Car Company & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

Kyrgyz Concept

42/1 Isanov St, Bishkek, 720017

Name: n/a

Title: n/a

Email: office@concept.kg

Web: http://eng.concept.kg

Tel: +996 312 903 232

Fax: +996 312 906 234

Summary of Services: Sedans, 4WD, minibuses (7-15 seater) and large buses.

Taxi Companies

Taxi Company & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

Prado Такси

Bishkek, Mendeleev str, 153 А

Name: N/A

Title: N/A

Email: N/A

Web: N/A

Tel: +996 (312) 36-03-60

Fax: N/A

Summary of Services: Sedans, minibuses (7-15 seater)

Taxi Company & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax


Bishkek, Isanova str, 42

Name: N/A

Title: N/A

Email: N/A

Tel: +996 (312) 31-40-82

Fax: N/A

Summary of Services:Sedans, 4WD


Freight Forwarding Agents

Freight Forwarder & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

Nogaro LLC

11 Kalyk Akiev St, Bishkek


Name: Anatolii Onishenko

Title: Director

Email: nogaro@mail.ru

Tel: +996 312 45 57 46

Fax: +996 312 45 57 46

Summary of Services

Freight dispatching (rail/road), door to door delivery, offloading, custom broker, insurance of commodities

TAEKa LLC, 120/11 Kievskii str., Bishkek

Name: Larisa Klochko

Title: Director

Tel: +996 312 61 12 49

Fax: +996 312 61 32 31

Summary of Services

Freight dispatching (rail/road), door to door delivery, offloading, custom broker, insurance of commodities.

IGCC Logistics Group LLC

1 Gorkiy str., 2-floor, 5-office Bishkek, 720031.

Name: Abdelhak Benyagoub

Title: CEO

Tel: +996 312 69 86 46, 66 24 23
e-mail:  info@igccllc.net

web site: http://www.igccllc.net

Summary of Services

•       Trucking and groupage services

•       Airfreight and aircraft charters freight services

•       Rail freight and multimodal transport

•       Removal and relocation

•       Customs brokerage services and consulting

•       Worldwide freight forwarding and logistics

•       Insurance services

•       Afghanistan transportation expert

Eltransasia Logistics LLC

138 A Usonbaev str., 3 office Bishkek

Name: Jalkupova L.

Title: DIrector

Tel. +996 312 89 77 26
e-mail: larisa@transasia.co
web: http://www.transasia.kg

Summary of Services: Freight dispatching (rail/road/air), project cargo, multimodal transportation, custom broker

Handling Equipment

There are several companies that supply freight handling equipment.  They are able to supply forklifts, small trucks (under 2 tonne) to transfer cargo.  The average rate per metric tonne of cargo to load or unload is 130 – 180 KGS.

Company Name & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

Asia Service Company LLC

Name: Aliev Rinat

Title: General Director

Email: asia.service.bishkek@gmail.com 


Tel: +996 312 461 666

Fax: +996 312 656 358

Equipment Description: Forklifts, small trucks (less than 2 tonnes for transfer of cargo)

Company Name & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

Amal Group

Name: Bekturganov Umar

Title: Logistics unit

Email: info@amalgroup.kg


Tel: +996 312 590 005


Equipment Description: Fork lift, small trucks (less than 2 tonnes for transfer of cargo)

Company Name & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

SPSR Express

Name: Orunbai Kozubaev

Title: Director

Email: koizubaev_oi@kg.spsp.info  


Tel: +996 543 970 37

Fax: N/A

Equipment Description: Forklifts, small trucks (less than 2 tonnes for transfer of cargo)

Company Name & Address

Contact Names & Email

Telephone & Fax

Rusasiatrans, 1 S. Aini str., Osh

Name: Hashim Ahmadjanov

Title: Director

Email: rusasiatrans@gmail.com

(551) 00-27-20    (772) 51-20-02    (3222) 53-056 (fax)

Equipment Description: Fork lift rentals


Electricity and Power

Hydroelectric plants generate 92.5 % of domestically consumed electricity in Kyrgyzstan.  There are 16 plants - 6 large, 11 small. All of the hydroelectric plants are from the Soviet times and are in poor condition and in need of repair. There are two commercial thermoelectric plants in operation fuelled by gas, fuel oil and coal, generating 1.1 to 1.2 billion kW/h per year. Kyrgyzstan exports up to 2.5 bn kw-hr of electricity to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan each year. Despite this abundance of hydroelectricity the lowest water levels in 50 years occurred in 2009, just 20% more than the critical level at which turbines would stop working entirely. Although the water level has risen since, there is still a severe risk that energy deficit will reoccur. However last years there was not any significant electricity cut off or limitation. The electric-power industry consists of 7 energy companies controlled and owned by the state.  This includes one generating company, one power supply company, four power distributive networks and one heating system.  There are also several private companies that own small and medium sized hydro plants. The electricity grid of Kyrgyzstan combines more than 70 thousand kilometres of power transmission lines (0.4-500 kW), 546 km of which are 500 kW, 1714 km of which are 200 kW and 4380 km of which are 110 kW lines with approximately 490 transforming stations with capacity 35-500 kW, the total number of capacity over 8000 MVA. A new hydroelectric plant on the Naryn River at Kambar–Ata would supply power to parts of China and Russia, improving Kyrgyzstan’s export situation and domestic energy supply although the future of this project is uncertain.

Electricity Generation

Production Unit


Installed Capacity (MW)

Current Production (MW)









Tash - Kumyr












At - Bashy





Power Stability

Power grid / network coverage

Countrywide, grid length of 70,000

Is supply regular and constant throughout the country?


Please describe

The electrical supply in the north of the country is reasonably constant and cities like Bishkek rarely have power failures. In the south of the country power outages are frequent and can be lengthy.

On average, how often does power supply go out?

Once a week

On average, how long does the outage last?

3 – 10 hours

Waste Disposal - Non Hazardous

In main cities and other provincial towns, the municipal/public enterprises carry out public services on sanitary cleaning of the city/town territory, as well as activities for the collection and disposal of solid waste. The private entities and households pay for these public services. The collected waste is delivered to landfills outside cities/towns, compacted and covered by earth. In the villages, individuals find their own way of waste disposal.

In January 2015, the Mayor’s Office of Bishkek signed a grant agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for the project "Improvement of the solid waste management system in the city of Bishkek". The main objective of the EBRD’s project is the improvement of the sanitary and epidemiological situation of residential community and the capital 's suburbs. The distribution of funds from the EBRD will be held in three stages. During the first stage will be purchased containers and trucks equipped with GPS-navigators. In the second stage it is expected to build a new landfill and a waste sorting line. The third stage includes the control over the execution of the project.

In July 2019 Bishkek Mayor’s Office started project of differentiated waste collecting. One more step towards ecological safety. Some International IO like USAID assist local authorities especially in main cities to install separate containers for waste (glass, plastic, organic, others). Moreover, provides funds for programmes of installation of proper waste containers in the main cities. Majority of project beside Bishkek are related to improvement of current waste management, including optimization of landfills and purchase of dump trucks for waste.

There are not any factories in the country for processing of both hazard and non-hazard waste.

Waste Disposal - Hazardous

The requirements for handling hazardous waste:

  1. Legal entities and individuals whose activities are related to the formation of hazardous waste are required to provide environmental protection during handling of the environment and population of their harmful effects.
  2. All hazardous waste according to their harmful effects on humans and the environment are divided into classes.
  3. Hazard waste is determined by their manufacturers in accordance with the regulations approved by the public authorities for environmental protection, sanitary-epidemiological, mining and Technical Supervision, within their competence.
  4. Placement of hazardous waste is allowed only in specially equipped facilities for these purposes.
  5. Legal entities and individuals engaged in the management of hazardous waste are required to keep records of hazardous waste in the manner prescribed by the state statistics body and the competent authority.

For more information, please see the following link: 4.10 Kyrgyzstan Additional Supplier Contact List