2.1.11 Egypt Port of Hurghada

2.1.11 Egypt Port of Hurghada

Port Overview

The port is situated on the western coast of Red Sea near the Gulf of Suez entrance and 370 km. south Suez. 

Situated 0.5 miles south west of Franken Point. Admiralty chart: 3043 Admiralty Pilot: 64 Approach: Gifatin channel is entered from the north between Franken Point and the reef, 1.5 km east south east and from the south between Sha'b El-Lug and Umm-Agawish El-Kerir. Min depth in channel 7.3 m. Anchorage: Anchorage is obtainable in 16-18 m. Weather: Strong north winds can create considerable sea. Largest vessel: 100 m LOA and 7.32 m maximum draft. 

The significant role of Hurghada port is a result of its distinctive location and the service it provides for international tourism and yacht tourism in Red Sea area as well as serving cruise vessels and shipping lines transporting tourists and passengers from Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries to Sharm El Sheikh Port. 

Information on passenger facilities, Approach, Anchorages and Radio frequencies can be found in the following document: Egypt Port of Hurghada Additional Information

Key port information can also be found at: Website of the Maritime Database on the Port of Hurghada

Port Location and Contacts



Province or District

Red Sea

Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km)


Port's Complete Name

Port of Hurghada


27° 15' N


33° 49' E

Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation)

Red Sea Port Authority

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations

Abu Rudeis - 5 km

Port Picture

Two piers with a hauling off buoy south of it. North pier is wooden with a T shaped head. South is 150 m long with depth of 12 m alongside its head. Vessels berth alongside with an anchor south east and a hawser from the stern to the hauling off buoy. Provisions: Available. Water: Available. Tanker terminals: Tankers normally berth at the north pier and the south pier is connected by pipelines to the oil tanks. Medical facilities: Available. Airports: Available. 

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

4.4 Egypt Port and Waterways Companies Contact List

Port Handling Equipment

Single buoy mooring connected to the shore by submarine pipelines. Depth at berth is 35 m.berthing of vessels takes place during daylight hours, unberthing any time. Vessels must be equipped with 10 t. cap. Cranes. Loading rate 5000 t/h via 16'' hoses. Ballast facility is available. 

There is a service jetty protected by breakwaters, for vessels of up to 6.5 md. 

Provisions and water: Not available. 

Bunkers: Available. 

Towage: Available. 

Medical facilities: Available. 

Customs Guidance

1.3 Egypt Customs Information