2.1.7 Egypt Port of Sidi Kerir

2.1.7 Egypt Port of Sidi Kerir

Port Overview

Situated 27km south-west of Alexandria, tanker terminal at north end of Suez Mediterranean pipeline. Admiralty chart: 3325 Admiralty pilot: 49 Pilotage: Compulsory Radio Information: All messages to be sent via Alexandria/Port Said radio stations Sidi Kerir has an HF long range Radio working on 2182 and 4142,5khz. VHF ch. 16 and 78. Accommodation: Five berths for tankers at SBM can accommodate tankers up to 150000 dwt and 15.8 m max. draft, and two SBM can accommodate tankers up to 400000 dwt and 22.9 m max. d. All buoys are equipped with deballasting sea lines leading to a water treatment system onshore. Storage: Onshore facilities include (15) Double - Deck floating roof welded steel storage tanks, total storage cap. of 1,500,000 m³. Bunkers: Not available. Towage: Available. 

Key port information can also be found at: Website of the Maritime Database on the Sidi Kerir Terminal  

Port Location and Contacts



Province or District 


Town or City (Closest location) with Distance (km) 

Name: Alexandria km: n/a 

Port's Complete Name 



31° 06' N 


29° 37' E

Managing Company or Port Authority (If more than one operator, break down by area of operation) 

SUMED - Arab Petroleum Pipelines Co 

Management Contact Person 

Tel: +20 3 586 6723 

Fax: +20 3 586 1295 

Closest Airport and Frequent Airlines to / from International Destinations 

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Port Performance  

Sidi Kerir terminal consists of 30 floating roof storage tanks of 3.3 million m3 total capacity: 

  • 15 tanks of 103,000 m3 each.
  • 15 tanks of 117,000 m3 each. 

The crude oil loading system comprises of five pumping stations, each pump station consists of 3 pump units and is designated to one group of tanks. The loading system is designed to simultaneously load four crude oil grades on five vessels at maximum flow rates. Five turbine meter banks and dual automatic sampler systems are downstream of the pumping stations for the custody transfer measurement. Crude is delivered to the tankers via six SBMs capable of accommodating tankers of up to 400,000 dead weight tons:  
- 1 buoy up to 400,000 dead weight tons. 
- 2 buoys up to 350,000 dead weight tons. 
- 3 buoys up to 150,000 dead weight tons. 

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