Mozambique Port of Quelimane

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Port Overview:

Quelimane is a small sea port approx 25 kms inland on the banks of the Luala River. It was the major point of export for regional agricultural products; mostly rice, cotton and forestry products, but with the decline of production during the civil war in the 1980’s and ‘90’s the port was neglected and fell into decline. At present rhe port is being completely renewed and overhauled, it has a new concrete quay of 250 m long. The Quelimane electric power supply is reasonably stable but the port has installed a 250 KVA generator to ensure power supply at all times for cool and freezer installations and security lighting and a new security fence surrounds the port area. The quay has two berths of 125 m each with an alongside draft of only 5 m, the tidal difference is approximately 3 m

Port Access

To the north and west the port area borders to the former freight railway station where CFM still owns a warehouse. This warehouse is in reasonable condition and is presently rented out to the private sector. Quelimane is connected by asphalt road to Caia and the south of the country. From Quelimane north and west a good partly new asphalt road runs as far as Mocuba. From Mocuba north to Nampula (350 kms) and Nacala (+190 kms) the road is a good asphalt road that has been recently resurfaced. From Mocuba west to the border with Malawi at Milange/Mulange (180 kms) there is an unpaved road that during the wet season is generally unpassable but is very good during the dry season. Quelimane is connected to the Zambezi River by means of an inland waterway. This waterway is presently being used by Sena Sugar Factory at Marromeu on the Zambezi with barges for sugar exports thru Quelimane. Sena Sugar has a pontoon crane with a capacity of 25 mt at Quelimane to discharge these barges onto the quay

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Name: Quelimane

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S 17° 52’ 49.00”


E 36° 52’ 48.00”

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Customs Guidance

1.3 Mozambique Customs Information

Terminal Information

Main Storage Terminal

Two warehouses for general cargo with a combined storage area of 3,800 m², both overhauled and are as new
The port has an open area container stacking yard for 800 TEU’s with 18 reefer points for refridgerated containers
Behind the most westerly warehouse a yard is specially prepared for forestry products and an equipment maintenance shed
At present the port has three 40 mt capacity top stacker and one 20 mt forklift in operation
Currently vessels have to be self equipped for discharge and/or loading operations.