Philippines Tambler Airport

Operator: Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (International Airport) - (in 2008 – Pax 302,887, Cargo 8,943 MT, Movement 2,348) – Magnetic Variation 000˚ E (01/06) – PCN 073FCWT – ILS – Beacon - Runway 17 (Heading 173.0) Take off distance increased to 3,352m (overrun Concrete pad 126m), Lighting HIRL / A2 / PAPI, slope -0.4˚ – Runway 35 (Heading 353.0) Take off distance increased to 3,352m (overrun concrete pad 126m), Lighting HIRL / PAPI, slope +0.4˚.

Caution: Mount Matutum (2,286m – 7,500’) 18NM N of the airport. Airport Beacon HO. RESTRICTION: VFR OPERATION ONLY, CLSD TO NORDO.

Operating hours: 2300 – 0700Z. Fuel available (Jet A1, JetA1 with icing inhibitor, NC-A1). Communications: TWR 118.1, 255.4 / RDO 6802.5, 3671 / APP 119.1, 118.2 – Navaid: Type VOR-DME, ID GSA, Name TAMBLER, Channel 092X, Freq 114.5, at  Airport, Coordinates Lat 06˚ 04’ 32.42” N Long 125˚ 05’ 31.87” E.


Airport Details


Philippines – UTC + 8



Province / District

South Cotabato, Mindanao



Airport Name

General Santos International Airport, Tambler Airport

Elevation (ft)


IATA & ICAO codes




Town or City (closest)

Barangay Fatima and Barangay Tambler, General Santos City

Runway Condition


NGO / UN (on ground)


Passenger / Cargo Security Screening (Yes / No)


Runway Dimension

Length (m) X Width (m)

Ground Handling (Yes / No)


Refueling Capacity


Runway Lighting (Yes / No)


Runway Heading


Fire Fighting Equipment (Yes / No)


Air Traffic Control (Yes / No)


Windsock (Yes / No)


Weather Information (Yes / No)


Aircraft Parking space (Yes / No)


Navigation Aids (Yes / No)


Perimeter fencing (Yes / No)


Fuel Services Charges

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 Price per Unit
Jet A-1 

Royalties / Non Objection Fees (NOFs)

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