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Independent State of Samoa

Table of Contents

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1 Samoa Country Profile

Ian RossWFPSep-18
1.1 Samoa Humanitarian BackgroundIan RossWFPSep-18
1.2 Samoa National Regulatory DepartmentsIan RossWFPSep-18
1.3 Samoa Customs InformationIan RossWFPSep-18

2 Samoa Logistics Infrastructure

Ian RossWFPSep-18
2.1 Samoa Port AssessmentIan RossWFPSep-18
2.1.1 Samoa Port of ApiaIan RossWFPSep-18
2.1.2 Samoa Port of SaleologaIan RossWFPSep-18
2.1.3 Samoa Port of AsauIan RossWFPSep-18
2.1.4 Samoa Port of MulifanuaIan RossWFPSep-18
2.2 Samoa AviationIan RossWFPSep-18
2.2.1 Samoa Faleolo International AirportIan RossWFPSep-18
2.2.2 Samoa Maota AirportIan RossWFPSep-18
2.2.3 Samoa Fagalii AirportIan RossWFPSep-18
2.2.4 Samoa Asau AirportIan RossWFPSep-18
2.3 Samoa Road NetworkIan RossWFPSep-18
2.4 Samoa Waterways AssessmentIan RossWFPSep-18
2.5 Samoa Storage AssessmentIan RossWFPSep-18
2.6 Samoa Milling AssessmentIan RossWFPSep-18

3 Samoa Logistics Services

Ian RossWFPSep-18
3.1 Samoa FuelIan RossWFPSep-18
3.2 Samoa TransportersIan RossWFPSep-18
3.3 Samoa Additional Service ProvidersIan RossWFPSep-18
3.4 Samoa TelecommunicationsIan RossWFPSep-18
3.5 Samoa Food and Additional SuppliesIan RossWFPSep-18
3.5.1 Samoa Food SuppliersIan RossWFPSep-18
3.6 Samoa Manual LabourIan RossWFPSep-18

4 Samoa Contact Lists

Ian RossWFPSep-18
4.1 Samoa Government Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.2 Samoa Humanitarian Agency Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.3 Samoa Port and Waterways Company Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.4 Samoa Airport Company Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.5 Samoa Storage and Milling Company Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.6 Samoa Fuel Providers Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.7 Samoa Transporter Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.8 Samoa Additional Service Provision Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18
4.9 Samoa Supplier Contact ListIan RossWFPSep-18

5 Samoa Annexes

Ian RossWFPSep-18
5.1 Samoa Acronyms and AbbreviationsIan RossWFPSep-18
5.2 Samoa Second Schedule Duty ConcessionIan RossWFPSep-18