Syrian Arab Republic Waterways Assessment

Syria Waterways

Fesh Khabour is 213 km from Hassaka and 123 km from Quamishly
The road from Hassaka to Khan Al-Jabal (180 km from Hassaka) is in good condition
The road has a width of 7m and a maximum truck capacity of 43Mt
Khan Al-Jabal to Qameshly is 33 km and is a secondary asphalt road with a width of 3m and a with maximum truck capacity of 20Mt
In some places the secondary road is in poor condition, especially near the final destination of Fesh Khabour the final water crossing point in SAR at the Iraqi Border
There is a police station and a small open yard which is used as parking for trucks

There are two ways of crossing the river:

The width of the river at this site is about 100m
The other way to cross the river is by small boat with maximum capacity of 500 kg
There are only two boats working there which are used for passengers crossing
The time for boat to reach the other side is 5 minutes and the width of the river is estimated to be about 250m