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Republic of Senegal

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1 Senegal Country Profile

Kim Claveau WFPMar-14
1.1 Senegal Humanitarian BackgroundKim Claveau WFPMar-14
1.2 Senegal Regulatory NarrativeKim Claveau WFPMar-14
1.3 Senegal Customs InformationKim Claveau WFPMar-14

2 Senegal Logistics Infrastructure

Kim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.1 Senegal Port of DakarKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2 Senegal AviationKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.1 Senegal Léopold Sédar Senghor International AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.2 Senegal Kaolack AirfieldKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.3 Senegal Tambacounda AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.4 Senegal Ziguinchor AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.5 Senegal Bakel AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.6 Senegal Cap Skiring AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.7 Senegal Saint Louis AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.8 Senegal Kolda North AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.9 Senegal Matam AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.10 Senegal Podor AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.11 Senegal Linguere AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.12 Senegal Richard Toll AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.2.13 Senegal Simenti AirportKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.3 Senegal Road AssessmentKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.4 Senegal Railway AssessmentKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.5 Senegal Waterways AssessmentKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.6 Senegal Storage AssessmentKim Claveau WFPMar-14
2.7 Senegal Milling AssessmentKim Claveau WFPMar-14

3 Senegal Logistics Services

Kim Claveau WFPMar-14
3.1 Senegal FuelKim Claveau WFPMar-14
3.2 Senegal TransportersKim Claveau WFPMar-14
3.3 Senegal Additional Service ProvidersKim Claveau WFPMar-14
3.4 Senegal Manual Labor CostsKim Claveau WFPMar-14
3.5 Senegal TelecommunicationsKim Claveau WFPMar-14
3.6 Senegal Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsKim Claveau WFPMar-14

4 Senegal Contact Lists

Kim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.1 Senegal Government Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.2 Senegal Humanitarian Agency Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.3 Senegal Port and Waterways Company Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.4 Senegal Airport Company Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.5 Senegal Storage and Milling Company Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.6 Senegal Fuel Provider Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.7 Senegal Transporter Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.8 Senegal Additional Service Provision Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14
4.9 Senegal Railway Company Contact ListKim Claveau WFPMar-14

5 Senegal Annexes

Kim Claveau WFPMar-14
5.1 Senegal Acronyms and AbbreviationsKim Claveau WFPMar-14