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Fiji is the main air hub throughout the Pacific specifically Nadi International Airport servicing International and Domestic routes. There are 2 registered airlines Fiji Airways and Northern Air, the latter operating domestically. There are 32 Airports and air strip 4 paved 28 unpaved (CIA World Fact Book).

Fiji Airports Ltd (FAL) is a fully owned government commercial company established on 12 April 1999 under the Public Enterprise Act, 1996. It operates 15 airports in the Fiji Islands including Nadi and Nausori International Airports and 13 other domestic airports, which are located on islands, scattered over Fiji's maritime zone. These are Labasa, Savusavu, Taveuni, Rotuma, Koro, Gau, Bureta, Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Ono-i-Lau, Cicia, Moala and Kadavu.

FAL also provides Air Traffic Management (ATM) services within the Nadi Flight Information Region (Nadi FIR) which includes the sovereign air spaces of Tuvalu, New Caledonia, Kiribati and Vanuatu. FAL owns and manages Nadi International Airport. Nadi International Airport handles 97% of international visitors to Fiji, 80% of which are tourists. FAL employs 500 personnel across its 15 airports that have a total asset base of $441 million.  The depth of its workforce ranges from operational and technical to commercial and administration.

Fiji Air Terminal Services is a part government-owned ground handling company providing ground handling cargo and catering services at Nadi International Airport. There is a private company arranging helicopter transport Island Hoppers. Island Hoppers offers transfers from Nadi Airport or Denarau. Fleet can be chartered for specific requests. 

The Fiji Department of Civil Aviation (CAAF) is the Government’s focal point to international civil aviation bodies with the likes of the Montreal-based "ICAO General Assembly", the link to both the ICAO Montreal-based HQ as well as its Bangkok-based "Asia and Pacific Regional Office", the Vanuatu based ‘Pacific Islands Aviation Safety Office", the Forum Secretariat sponsored "Pacific Islands Air Services Agreements", the "Regional Steering Committee Meeting for the Cooperative Aviation Programme for Asia and the Pacific", "The Asia/Pacific Directors General of Civil Aviation Conference", the "Association of South Pacific Airlines."

The Department is responsible for the establishment of Air Services Agreements with sovereignties wishing to generate trade, tourism links and diplomatic relations within Fiji through the provisions of air transportation.

For more information on government agency and airport company contact information, please see the following links: 4.1 Government Contact List and 4.5 Airport Companies Contact List.

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

The Department of Civil Aviation is responsible for the facilitation of requests for non-scheduled international air operators who wish to make a landing or overflight within Fiji’s Flight Information Region. It is also responsible for facilitating the issue of air service licenses to international operators wishing to provide scheduled air services into and out of Fiji in accordance with the Air Services Agreement.

International Air Service Licences

Application for International Air Service Licences

Application for an international air service license is valid for those countries that are party to an Air Service Agreement with Fiji. The Minister of Civil Aviation is the licensing authority for international operators wishing to be issued a license to conduct scheduled services into Fiji. Such applications for a license shall contain copies of the airline’s valid insurance certificate together with its Air Operators Certificate. The two certificates are crucial and are accounted for when operators submit such an application for international air service.

Application For A Permit To Conduct Air Services Within Fiji With A Foreign Registered Aircraft

 The Minister of Civil Aviation is the issuing authority for such permits. Applications for a permit shall contain the aircraft’s Air Operators Certificate and Certificate of Insurance. Applications should be addressed to the Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Domestic Air Service

The Air Transport Licensing Board (ATLB) is the licensing authority in relation to air services operating within Fiji for hire and reward. Applications for licenses to conduct domestic air services shall be made in the form and manner and contain such particulars as required under the Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations Cap,174. A formal letter of application to the ATLB, as per the First Schedule in the Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations Cap 174 addressed accordingly to the Chairman of the Air Transport Licensing Board.

Non-scheduled flights

Details to be included in the application for such non-scheduled non-commercial/commercial civil aircraft over-flights/landing in Fiji. According to the Aeronautical Information Publication of Fiji, the following information should be provided with applications for unscheduled Civil Aircraft Flight Over flight/Landing in Fiji.

Unscheduled Non-Commercial Flights

Unscheduled Commercial Flights


For CAAF fees follow this link: https://caaf.org.fj/fees-charges

International Operators

License for International Air Operators

A formal letter of application to the Minister and at least 30 days before the expiry of existing licence. A valid Insurance Certificate.

A valid Air Operators Certificate.

Consultation with CAAFI on technical regulatory issues.

Permit for Foreign Registered Aircraft to Operate in Fiji


Quarantined Flights

All International flights from malarial designated ports to land at Nadi International Airport are quarantined. International flights from malarial designated ports wishing to land at Fiji International airports other than Nadi will need to first obtain clearance from the Ministry of Health. This clearance will be facilitated by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. All crew and passengers are required to obtain health clearance before disembarking.

Air Transport Licensing Board (ATLB)

The Air Transport Licensing Board (“the Board”) is the licensing authority and regulator of domestic air services in Fiji. The functions of the Board are constituted in the Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations 1985. All applications for licences to perform air services within Fiji for hire or reward are to be made to the Air Transport Licensing Board.

The Chairman and members of the Board are appointed by the Minister responsible for Civil Aviation in accordance with Regulation 18(2) of Section 6 of the Civil Aviation (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations 1985.

Role of the Air Transport Licensing Board Grant of Licences

The licensing authority may grant to any person applying a licence to perform air services between two places within Fiji for such period and under the conditions as may be specified in the licence. The licensing authority may attach such conditions to any licence as it may think fit and may, from time to time, vary any such conditions.


The licensing authority may, if it thinks fit, for the purpose of determining applications for licenses or for amendments thereof hold inquiries in public or in private. Before holding any such inquiry the licensing authority shall give to the applicant, and to any person who has made any representations or objections with regard to the application.

Provisional licence

The licensing authority may, if it thinks fit, pending the determination of an application for a licence or for an amendment of a licence, grant to the applicant a provisional licence or make a provisional amendment to a licence, which shall remain in force until the application is determined.

Annual Report of Licensing Board

The Licensing Board shall make an annual report to the Minister on the exercise of its functions during the year.

Power to revoke or suspend in particular circumstances

For more information on procedures for foreign registered aircraft, please see the following attachments: https://caaf.org.fj/forms