REPLACE THIS TEXT with a 2 - 3 paragraph narrative describing the road transport market in the country including number of large scale and small scale operators. Describe the level of sophistication, any issues with unions, and radius of operations. Identify if the current capacity meets domestic needs and the capacity of the market to accommodate and influx in demand from the humanitarian community. Also identify if foreign operators are allowed to operate domestically. ENSURE TRANSPORT COMPANIES IDENTIFIED IN THESE PARAGRAPHS HAVE THEIR CONTACT DETAILS IN SECTION 4.8: Transporter Contact List. Create the list by completing the 4.8 template. 

For more information on transport company contact details, please see the following link: HQ staff will input a link to section 4.8 Transporter Contact List here.

Please copy the table below for each Transport Company assessed.

Company Name Transport Capacity Summary

Regions Covered

Please provide a list of administrative districts (Level 1 and Level 2) covered by this transporter.


Number of Vehicles

Capacity per Vehicle (MT)

Comments / Condition of Vehicles

Vehicle Type




Vehicle Type




Vehicle Type




Total Capacity