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4.5 Ukraine Additional Service Provision Contact List

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Vehicle Rental

4.5 Ukraine Additional Service Provision Contact List

Freight Forwarding Agents

According to the information received from the private sector transporters, the insignificant disruption of the commercial food supply to the Eastern areas remain.
However the major transporters are doing their own assessment of the situation and dispatching trucks only after getting reliable feedback on the security situation (DHL, Nova Poshta).
The prices per kilometer for the transportation of goods to Donetsk and Luhansk oblast has at times increased by 50%, compared to average 0,25-0,50$/km since March-April 2014, while the food prices in the shops remain unchanged due to the nationwide networks policies (the supermarket chains maintain same prices in all country).
However, the bigger problem reported by the transporters servicing retailers is insufficient cash reserves available in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast as many ATMs are off line and banks are not functioning.
This limits the purchasing power (access) of the population the basic needs such as food and wash items, however stocks of goods in such areas are not exhausted.
The transport companies also reported that the deliveries to the eastern regions are subject to changing circumstances, mainly security and needs for certain commodities.

There are number of the freight forwarding companies registered in Ukraine, whereby during logistics assessment we were able to review capacity and potential provision of the freight forwarding services by the companies. 4.5 Ukraine Additional Service Provision Contact List

Auto Transport Operators (ATP)

According to the Ukrainian statistics bureau (sampled by regional presence):