Overview of current situation

The transportation logistics infrastructure in Ukraine is well developed and organized, covering the four main shipment options – air, sea, surface and rail.

At the time of this assessment surface and rail transport can access most of the areas of the country with intermittent connections to the isolated cities in the Eastern regions due to the security constraints. 

Road Infrastructure

Covers all country with total length of 165,000 km, out of which approximately 80% are the roads with hard (asphalt) surface.

With exception of the international class highways the road surface condition is often below acceptable standard which reduces speed of the traffic and subsequently increases cargo transit time.

Worth noting that unpaved roads, connecting remote village areas are mainly not paved and present potential challenge for access in winter time.

The very solid bases for government-private transport contracting is established, guaranteeing the access of the private sector the transportation business, thus, ensuring competitiveness in the market and relatively stabilized market prices.


Country wide network (over 2000 stations in the country and geographical distribution between 6 regional branches – Lviv, Donetsk, Odessa, Pivdenna, Pivdenno-Zahidna and Prydniprovska),

It’s link between sea ports and production areas as well as international connections can ensure efficient and timely delivery of the cargo in bulk from/to the remote areas.