Commercial road transporters are available within Makassar.  The capacity available in the province varies depending on demand requirements.  Therefore, if additional capacity is required, transporter vehicles may be positioned in a short period of time from other locations within Sulawesi.  Transporters are generally owner/operators but will also sub-contract other vehicles if required.

It should be remembered that traffic congestion is a major problem in Makassar and should be factored into any planning of routes or travel times.  During the assessment period, there was a reluctance from transport companies to release the information in regards to the size of their fleet, however it was observed that there was ample trucking capacity available.

For information in regards to sea and air transport of cargo, refer to the Waterways, Ports and Airports sections.

For information on Indonesia transporter contact details, please see the following link:

4.2.9 Indonesia Transporter Contact List