In this section you will find the templates for completing a Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA). 

The templates have been developed by logistics professionals based on their operational needs for information. It is vital to provide the information in accordance with the instructions found in the templates.

Clear instructions are provided throughout the templates on how to insert content.

Red TextIndicates specific information is required
Blue TextSpecifies additional documents that should be attached or inserted

When completing the LCA templates, any additional relevant information should be provided. If this does not fit into the template, please attach it as a separate document.

For additional information on completing the templates, please see the instructions manual provided: Instruction Manual

0 Country nameAn LCA introduction page showing basic assessment details such as date and assessor
1 Country Profile

Provides links to websites containing generic country information regularly maintained and reflecting current facts and figures and country overview map provided by the GIS Team.

1.1 Humanitarian Background 
1.2 National Regulatory Departments & Bureau and Quality Control & Relevant Laboratories 
2. Logistics InfrastructureSection introduction page
2.1 Port Assessment

An overview of the ports network in the relevant country including a port network map provided by the GIS team

2.2 AviationAn overview of the aviation network in the relevant country including a airport network map provided by the GIS team
2.2.2 International Airport

Provides information on the major airport.

If multiple international airports exist, please complete each airport on a new template and number them accordingly

2.2.3 National Airports and Airfields

Provides information on smaller airports.

Please complete each airport on a new template and number them accordingly

2.3 Road Network 
2.5 Waterways Assessment 
2.6 Storage Assessment 
2.7 Milling AssessmentCan include multiple
3 Logistics ServicesProvides a section introduction page
3. Additional Service Providers 
3.1 Fuel 
3.2 Transporters 
3.3 Manual Labour Costs 
3.5 Telecommunications 
3.6 Food Suppliers, Accommodation and other Markets 
3.7 Waste Management 

Annexes & Contact Lists

Every LCA requires an Annex section which includes Acronyms and Abbreviations and contacts lists. 

Contact list templates provide a space for recording the details of relevant agencies, companies, focal points or service providers. 

Each contact list is linked to the related section of the LCA using a live web link.

For more information on contact sheets, please see the instructions manual: 3.4 Creating and Inserting Contact Sheets

4 AnnexesSection introduction page
Annex 1 Acronyms and Abbreviations

A generic, pre-populated table of acronyms and abbreviations commonly found in LCAs.

Country specific acronyms and abbreviations should be added

Annex 2 Contact ListSection introduction page
Annex 2.1 Government Contact List 
Annex 2.2 Humanitarian Agency Contact List 
Annex 2.3 Laboratory and Quality Testing Company Contact List 
Annex 2.4 Port and Waterways Company Contact List 
Annex 2.5 Airport Company Contact List 
Annex 2.6 Storage and Milling Company Contact List 
Annex 2.7 Fuel Provider Contact List 
Annex 2.8 Transporter Contact ListTransporter fleet information is also required including fleet size, capacity and specifications
Annex 2.9 Additional Service Provision Contact List 
Annex 2.10 Railway Company Contact List