In this section, you will find the templates for completing Rapid Logistics Capacity Assessments (RLCA). The Logistics Cluster has developed the RLCA as a comprehensive tool for logistics assessments in emergency situations.

The objective of the RLCAs is to provide guidance to logisticians from NGOs, UN agencies, and other organisations working on the ground during an emergency response situation and particularly during:

Clear instructions are provided in each template as follows:

Templates - English
Airports & Airstrips Assessment
Fuel Assessment
Procurement Assessment
Rail Assessment
Road Assessment
Seaports Assessment
Warehouse Assessment
Water Transports Assessment
Templates - French
Airports & Airstrips Assessment - French
Fuel Assessment - French
Procurement Assessment - French
Rail Assessment - French
Road assessment - French
Seaports Assessment - French
Warehouse Assessment - French
Water Transport Assessment - French