Many new hotels are under construction in Dushanbe in all categories that will be added to the existing five-star hotels like Serena and Hyatt. Many small hotels have been opened in small towns such that now acceptable accommodation is available in almost all district centres.  

Large numbers of new housing units have been built in Dushanbe since 2010 and the pace of new construction was still increasing in 2014. This additional supply should ensure that housing price increases are only moderate. Due to the large number of Tajik citizens working abroad, low cost and temporary housing is readily available in Dushanbe and regional centres as well. 

Additional Operational Support 

Tajikistan has relatively little manufacturing but has abundant supply in local markets of tents, water pumps, pipes, water tanks, computer / IT equipment and office furniture. Most such items are now sourced from suppliers in Urumchi, China and are transported by truck via Kashgar and Murghab. There are also good supply routes from Turkey and Russia for manufactured goods. Local distributors can replenish and build up inventories quickly since transport capacity is adequate and roads are open in the winter. There are numerous water bottlers in the country spread out among all cities mainly relying natural mineral water springs. 

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