This border post between Mozambique and South Africa is very small and therefore has little capacity to attend to people and vehicles. The process is usually time-consuming (on average 30 min per vehicle), particularly during the holiday period, in which delays tends to last hours.

The border is gradually becoming more used due to recent major road improvements to Maputo. With the conclusion of the Maputo-Catembe bridge, traffic is expected to increase extensively – mainly light, but also heavy vehicles are expected to a certain extent.


Border Crossing Location and Contact

Name of Border Crossing

Mozambique: Ponta do Ouro
South Africa: Kosi Bay

Province or District


Nearest Town or City with Distance from Border Crossing

Ponta do Ouro, 18 km (20 min)





Managing Authority / Agency


Contact Person



Travel Times

Nearest International Airport


Distance in 167 km

Truck Travel Time: 6’00’’

Car Travel time: 2’45’’

Nearest Port


Distance in 167 km

Truck Travel Time: 6’00’’

Car Travel time: 3’00’’

Nearest location with functioning wholesale markets,

or with significant manufacturing or production capacity


Distance in 150 km

Truck Travel Time: 5’00’’

Car Travel time: 2’30’’

Other Information


Fuel stations are available.

The border crosses the Maputo Game Reserve.

There are no weighbridges until Matola.

Hours of Operation


8:00 to 17:00


8:00 to 17:00


8:00 to 17:00


8:00 to 17:00


8:00 to 17:00


8:00 to 17:00


8:00 to 17:00

National Holidays

8:00 to 17:00

Seasonal Constraints

No constraints


Daily Capacity

The border procedures are very slow and capacity is restricted (20 vehicles per day).

Customs Clearance

Border & Vehicle Requirements:

For more information on customs in Mozambique, please see the following link: 1.3 Customs Information 

Other Relevant Information

Border & Vehicle Costs:

For more information on government contact details, please see the following link: 4.1 Government Contact List