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Aviation Overview:

Civil aviation is a critical component to the Moçambique transport system due to its immense size, nearly 2,000 kms from north to south and because of the poor road network, land transportation is slow and needs further development

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Mozambique Aviation Additional Information

4.1 Mozambique Government Contact List

4.4 Mozambique Airport Company Contact List

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft

In Moçambique, the following needs to be applied, presented and approved before prepositioning of foreign registered aircraft:

Application for provisional Air Service Licence by the operator contracted to provide the services. If the operator is not familiar to Moçambique, this process should be facilitated by a local point of contact, for example WFP Moçambique, however it would be advisable that the foreign operator liaises with a local aviation consultancy company to ensure that the process is not delayed by local government bureaucracy.

Undertaking from the country of registration for safety oversight while in Moçambique. This will require UNHAS and the foreign operator to ensure that a letter is written from the Civil Aviation of the country of registration clearly taking responsibility for all safe oversight while the aircraft is operating in Moçambique.

Operator, Aircraft & Crew documentation

Aircraft entry requirements: For non-scheduled and private flights, permission for over-flights and landings are required 24 hours in advance to: Instituto da Aviação Civil de Moçambique (IACM) --- Address above

Over-flights: The following information is required in item 18 of the flight plan for:

Landings: The following information is required in item 18 of the flight plan for: