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Ukraine inherited a significant aircraft manufacturing industry from the USSR, with the Antonov design bureau and related factories as its main component. Ukrainian and EU aerospace industries have a major interest to increase their cooperation. The envisaged agreement could create a new framework for industrial aviation relations between the Ukraine and the EU which could accompany the restructuring and modernisation of the Ukrainian aerospace industry.

Kyiv-Boryspil (KBP) was the largest Ukrainian airport servicing close to 60% of the country's commercial air traffic. Over 8.65 million passengers flew through Boryspil in 2016, a 18.8% growth compared with 2015. The airport served 12,9 million passengers in 2015 At present, there are 45 operating civil airports (including heliports) in Ukraine. Out of them, 14 airports receive domestic flights from Kyiv the capital of Ukraine on a regular basis. 18 airports have been assigned international status:

The following airports covered are capable of handling wide body passenger aircraft and heavy freighters:

Kiev (Boryspil Airport) can be considered as the main international air hub of the country with all related services and facilities available for offloading, handling, storing and clearing of the humanitarian cargoes. The airport has a large storage capacity, transportation means and can be easily accessed from the capital for any follow up work with freight documentation, diplomatic clearances, etc. Close to the Boryspil airport there are other commercial facilities available, including those of DHL, Medical Enterprise “Ukr Vaktsina” with cold storage for medicines, storage facilities and freight transit centre of Raben Ukraine among others.

The following airports can be considered for delivery of humanitarian cargo:


AirportDescriptionICAO CodeNo of RunwaysAirport ClassTypes of aircraft operatedHours of OperationCustomsAddress
Boryspil International Airport 

Located 18,5 km, East of Kiev.

The biggest airport in Ukraine.

It covers around 65% of passenger transportation and provides services to more than 8 million passengers / year.

The runway (4000 m, x 60 m) is suitable for all types of aircraft day and night, including low visibility conditions.

Boryspil Airport is also the only airport of Ukraine for transcontinental flights.

There are heated hangar facilities available for aircraft maintenance and repair.


All types, including

AN225, AN124, B747-400

24 / 7Available 24/7

Borispol Airport,

Kiev oblast, 08307

Hostomel International Airport 

International airport. Located 25 km North-West of Kiev, in 2 km from Hostomel vlg.

The airport is used both by civil (Antonov Airlines) and experimental aviation.

There are heated hangars in the aerodrome suitable for maintenance and repair of all aircraft types,

including An-225, An-124, Boeing 747.


All types, including

AN225, AN124, B747-400

Winter 0730-1500 (UTC)
Summer 0630-1400 (UTC)

Within aerodrome

operating hours 24/7

1 Akademika Tupoleva Str.,

Kiev, 03062

Lviv International Airport

“Daniil Galitskiy” (Sknilov)

Located 6 km from Lviv centre South-West of the city.

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport has direct connection with the cities all over the world such as:

Munich, Dortmund, Vienna, Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw,

Moscow and Surgut, Naples, Venice and Milan, Prague, Hurghada, Istanbul, Kyiv and others.


Аn-124, Аn-148
Il-76(130t), Il-62М
Тu-134, Тu-154
Boeing 737
Boeing 767
Boeing 777
Airbus A320

24 / 7Available 24/7

168 Lyublinskaya Str

Lvov, 79000

Dnepropetrovsk International AirportLocated within the city, at 8th km of Zaporozhye highway.  UKDD14C

Embraer 195
Boeing 737
Airbus 320
IL 76

24 / 7Available 24/7

Dnipropetrovsk airport,

Dnepropetrovsk, 49042

Zaporozhye  International Airport

Located within the city, East of the city, 15 km East to the city centre.

Municipal enterprise Zaporozhye International Airport is an operator of the Airport. 


Embraer 195
Boeing 737
IL 76

24 / 7Available 24/7

Zaporozhye airport, 

Zaporozhye, 69013

Odessa International Airport 

The Airport is located in the southwest part of Odessa.

The distance from the city center to the airport is 7,5 km.

The passenger terminal is designed for international and domestic flights

Handling with capacity of 400 passengers per hour. 


Embraer 195
Boeing 737
Airbus 320
IL 76

24 / 7Available 24/7

Odessa-54, 65054


Tel (0482) 393549 

or (0482) 393579 

Air Carriers

Although the option of delivery of humanitarian freight by air in Ukraine is remote for contingency planning purposes we have identified Air Carriers with cargo aircraft and necessary capacity to perform such missions within the country and abroad.

All Air Carriers listed in the table below are duly registered by the Civil Aviation Authorities of Ukraine for provision of the air transportation services on domestic and international routes.

It is worth mentioning that most of the Carriers frequently provide airlift services for UN in various parts of the world.

Air Operator


Aircraft fleet

(aircraft type,

registration number,


Legal address

E-mail and

Antonov Company

А1, А2 (inter alia Е11)

  • Antonov Airlines is the ANTONOV company’s subdivision that specializes in international cargo transportation.
  • It was founded in 1989. Antonov Airlines became the first airline which performed charter air transportation 
    of large−size and extra−heavy cargoes on the AN-124 Ruslan heavy transport.
  • Successful operations in this direction formed absolutely new market segment on airlift of super-heavy cargoes.

UR-82029, 1991

Аntonov -124-100
UR-82073, 1994

Аntonov -124-100
UR-82007, 1987

Аntonov -124-100
UR-82008, 1986

Аntonov -124-100
UR-82027, 1990

Аntonov -124-100
UR-82009, 1987

Аntonov -124-100
UR-82072, 1993

1, Akademika Tupoleva str.,


03062, Ukraine


Limited Liability Company “Aircompany

ZetAvia - А2 (inter alia Е11)

  • Aircompany “ZetAvia” was founded in 2009, it is based in Mykolaiv (Ukraine) 
  • The company has its head office in Kiev (Ukraine), and a representative office in Sharjah (UAE).
  • The first Air Operator Certificate # UK009 was issued on 01.07.2011 by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine.
  • Aircompany was certificated in compliance with JAR-OPS1.
  • The first flight was operated in August, 2011.

UR-CIE, 1979

Ilyushin -76ТД,
UR-CID, 1985

Ilyushin -76ТД, 
UR-CIF, 1992

Ilyushin -76ТД,
UR-CIU, 1985

Ilyushin -76ТД,
UR-CIV, 1986

5, Vyzvolyteliv blv.

Kyiv, 02660,



Limited Liability Company “Maximus Airlines”

А2 (inter alia Е11)

  • Aviation Group company was established in 2005 to provide solutions for moving oversized cargo.
  • After operating for 5 years in the region, it is now a regional air cargo carrier and cargo aircraft wet lease operator (ACMI),
    employing more than 200 staff.
  • It operates a fleet of eight all-cargo Antonov An-124-100, Ilyushin IL-76TD and Airbus A300-600RP2F aircraft across the middle east, Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • Maximus runs regular scheduled cargo services on behalf of Etihad Crystal Cargo and is the appointed exclusive air relief support partner of the UAE Red Crescent.

Ilyushin -76ТД, 
UR-BXQ, 1992

Ilyushin -76ТД, 
UR-BXS, 1992

Аntonov -124-100, 
UR-ZYD, 2003

4-th fl., 8B,

Raisa Okipna str.,

Kyiv, 02002, Ukraine


SE “Production Association Yuzhny Machine

Building Works named after O.M. Makarov”

Aviation Transport Company “YUZMASHAVIA”

А2 (inter alia Е11)

  • Since 1993 ATC "Yuzmashavia" is a subdivision of State Enterprise "Production Association South Machine building plant named after of A.Makarov".
  • Airline possesses necessary authorizations for transportation of all cargo categories, 
    including dangerous goods, gained necessary experience of delivering humanitarian cargoes in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.
  • For 25 years of work in air transport industry Yuzmashavia, dynamically evolved and acquired many clients and reliable partners worldwide.

Ilyushin -76ТД,
UR-78785, 1988

Ilyushin -76ТД,
UR-78786, 1988

1, Kryvorizka str., Dnipropetrovsk,
49008, Ukraine

Postal address:

1, Kryvorizka str., Dnipropetrovsk,
49047, Ukraine


 Commercial Carriers

Airport code

Flight Code


Home Town

Air Urga




Kirovohrad Airport/Kryvyi Rih International Airport





Dnipropetrovsk International Airport

Motor Sich Airlines




Zaporizhia International Airport

Kharkiv Airlines




Kharkiv International Airport/Boryspil International Airport

UM Airlines




Boryspil International Airport

In 2016 aviation sector in Ukraine was presented by 29 airlines that conducted 79.5 thou flights carrying 8 277.9 thou passengers and 74.3 thou tons of cargo.

Commercial flights of domestic and foreign airlines were served in 19 Ukrainian airports and airfields.

It should be noted that about 98 percent of total passenger and cargo traffic were concentrated in seven major airports - Boryspil, Kyiv (Juliani), Odessa, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia.

The Aircraft manufacturing sector is represented by 60 different companies that produce regional passenger and transport aircrafts, small and ultra-small aircrafts (including unmanned), helicopters, aviation engines (piston and jet), on-board radio electronic equipment and other supporting accessory.

The Aviation in Ukraine is regulated by:

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