The following acts apply to labour employment

The minimum wage act of 1989 amended in 2016 for Govt employees raising the minimum wage for US$2.00 per hour to USD 2.50 per hour. $0.50 is added for each year of service to a maximum of $4.00/hour

Private sector employment where at least on Majuro there is a small retail and manufacturing industry (Fish Cannery) and processing Industry for Copra.  These industries encompass on one or two main employers. The 2011 census showed that 40% of the workforce work in Private enterprise and 34% work for the government . The outer Islands which survive on subsistence agriculture and fishing, there is very little in the way of private sector industry. Employment as such is adhoc.

There are high rates of unemployment and many Marshallese will travel and work in the United states due to greater wages and opportunity.

Labour Rate(s) Overview


(Local Currency & USD - $)

Daily General Worker (Unskilled casual labour)


Daily General Worker (Semi-skilled labour)


Skilled Worker