In this section you will find the templates for completing a Logistics Capacity Assessment (LCA). 

Clear instructions are provided in each template as follows:

Black TextHeadings and text to keep when published
Red TextGuidance on content
Blue TextLinks to supporting documents and external information sources
0 Country name
1 Country Profile
1.1 Humanitarian Background
1.2 Regulatory Departments & Quality Control
1.3 Customs Information
2 Logistics Infrastructure
2.1 Port Assessment
2.1.X Port of Name
2.2 Aviation
2.2.X International Airport
2.2.X National Airport
2.3 Road Network
2.3.X Land Border Crossing
2.4 Railway Assessment
2.5 Waterways Assessment
2.6 Storage Assessment
2.7 Milling Assessment
3 Services and Supply
3.1 Fuel
3.2 Transporters
3.3 Manual Labour
3.4 Telecommunications
3.5 Food and Additional Suppliers
3.5.1 Food Suppliers
3.5.2 Additional Suppliers
3.6 Additional Services

 Contact Lists

4 Contact Lists
4.1 Government Contact List
4.2 Humanitarian Agency Contact List
4.3 Laboratory and Quality Testing Companies Contact List
4.4 Port and Waterways Companies Contact List
4.5 Airport Companies Contact List
4.6 Storage and Milling Companies Contact List
4.7 Fuel Providers Contact List
4.8 Transporter Contact List
4.9 Railway Companies Contact List   
4.10 Supplier Contact List
4.11 Additional Services Contact List  


5 Annexes
5.1 Acronyms and Abbreviations