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Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority

Under the Directorate of Civil Aviation, there are seven sectors (each has specific responsibilities), as follows:

1. Operations Directorate (Air Traffic Control Systems Provider):

The Technical Operations Directorate is responsible for the provision of air traffic services, operation of telecommunications, and the maintenance of aids to navigation and telecommunications, telephone, and electrical equipment.

2. Airports Directorate (Operation and Maintenance of Beirut International Airport):

The Airports Directorate is responsible for the operation and maintenance of BIA.

3. Air Safety Department (Safety Regulator):

The Air Safety Department consists of three sub-departments overseeing aircraft operations, airworthiness, and personnel licensing.

4. Air Transport Department:

The Air Transport Departments consists of two sub-departments overseeing international agreements and legal and economic studies.

5. Research and Studies:

The Research and Studies Department is responsible for coordinating with international organizations such as ICAO.

6. Metrology Department:

The Meteorology Department consists of three sub-departments of observation, forecasting, and climatology.

7. Diwan Department:

The Diwan Department is in charge of the administration, accounting, legal affairs, revenue, documentation and archiving, and purchasing supporting functions.

Procedures for Foreign Registered Aircraft  

Lebanese Civil Aviation has established some procedures for foreign registered aircrafts, as follows:

Foreign Operators Flight Authorization

- Purpose

The purpose of this Safety and Quality procedure is to establish the LCAA’s methods and practices employed for the evaluation and processing of Foreign Operators application to conduct a flight or series of flights to or from Lebanon.

- Scope

This SQP applies to LCAA Managers and personnel involved in the evaluation and subsequent authorization process.

- Responsibility

  • Chief Air Transport is responsible for the coordination and issuance of all Foreign Operators LCAA Flight Authorizations;
  • Chief FSD is responsible for initial review and to coordinate with Chief Air Transport to ensure assistance and service is provided to Air Transport in a timely manner;
  • LCAA/FSD is responsible for the technical review and evaluation of Foreign Operators applications;
  • The FSD shall issue a technical satisfactory or non satisfactory statement to Chief Air Transport;
  • The FSD shall clearly indicate the elements that where considered as non satisfactory;
  • All LCAA personnel involved with the flight authorization process shall be responsible for the effective implementation of this SQP;
  • All Foreign Operators or representatives shall provide documented evidence that they can conduct safe operations in addition, to providing evidence on the current airworthiness status of the proposed aircraft for the intended operation.

- Definitions

Flight Authorization: Issuance by the Lebanese CAA of an operating authority, which enables a Foreign Operator to conduct a flight or a series of specific flights to or from Lebanon.

- Authorization Process

  • All Foreign Operators or representatives requesting flight authorizations shall submit supporting documents, demonstrating compliance to the established Lebanese CAA requirements prior the conduct of such flights;
  • Application documents shall be accompanied by a covering letter clearly stating the intent, route, purpose or activities of the requested flight (s);
  • All Flight Authorizations shall be coordinated under the direct responsibility of LCAA Chief Air Transport;
  • LCAA/FSD personnel should not process any requests unless such requests are duly registered and originate from LCAA Air Transport Department.

- Exemptions

Special exemptions to this SQP or to the list of restricted States or restricted Operators may only be issued under the strict authority of the Honorable Minister of Transport or the Director General of Civil Aviation or his delegate.

- Application Instructions

Foreign Operators requesting authorization for a flight or series of flights, shall submit documented evidence, indicating compliance with the following requirements:

  1. Copy of current aircraft journey and technical logbook indicating latest operational and maintenance entries;
  2. Copy of valid Air Operator Certificate and associated operational specifications;
  3. Copy of valid aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness;
  4. Copy of valid aircraft Certificate of Registration;
  5. Copy of valid Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) Certificate responsible for the latest maintenance activity on the aircraft;
  6. Copy of most recent aircraft inspection report;
  7. Evidence of valid insurance coverage as applicable for the intended operation;
  8. iii. Conformity statement that the flight crew meets ICAO language and AIP Lebanon requirements;
  9. Copies of valid flight crew licenses;
  10. Maintenance conformity certification issued by a qualify maintenance engineer or manager responsible for the aircraft, that the aircraft is airworthy and in a safe and serviceable condition for the intended flight or series of flights; and
  11. Any additional information as deemed necessary by the Lebanese CAA;
  • Foreign Operators requesting authorization for scheduled operation to Lebanon; all requirements as stated in 5.4.1, in addition to the following;
  • Copy of local Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or equivalent agency latest safety inspection or oversight report (s);
  • Copy of local CAA authorization to conduct such operation to Lebanon; and
  • Copy of the prime contractual arrangements with an approved maintenance organization (AMO) responsible for the continued maintenance support of the operated aircraft;
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements shall result in the refusal of Flight Authorizations;
  • All Air Operators shall be reminded that in order to promote aviation safety, the Lebanese CAA reserves the right under the Convention and its National Regulatory Provisions to access for inspection purposes any aircraft operating in Lebanon.

- Quality records

Record title

Record number

Active retention


LCAA Routing Form


3 Years

LCAA Files

Application Documents


3 Years

Air Transport Department


- Reference

The Lebanese CAA Responsible managers may refer to ICAO Safety O versight Audit reports,

Operators local CAA or SAFA inspection results or equivalent safety information inclusive of the evaluation process.