Logistics Cluster

(XXX Operation) Situation Report

Date: Day/Month/Year



  1.                HIgHLIGHT
  2.                SECURITY
  3.                boRDER CROSSING and CUSTOMS
  4.                LOGISTICS COORDINATIOn
  6.                AIR OPERATION
  7.                INFRASTRUCTURE
  8.                TRANSPORT SECTOR
  9.                FUEL  
  10.           OTHER



1                     Highlight


  • Main events that could influence the logistics situation that need to be stressed and brought to the audience attention


2                     Security


  • Security Phase in the region/country
  • Security incidents during the reporting period
  • Latest security advice from UNDSS



3                     Border Crossing:


  • Latest Status (open or closed to humanitarian and/or commercial traffic)
  • Operational Situation (increase/decrease in cross-border traffic (mention both humanitarian and commercial traffic)
  • Cross-border Procedures (Change in operational procedures and/or hours)


4                     Logistics Coordination


  • Meetings/Proposals with third parties (inc. Ministries, UN, IPs/NGOs, Coalition)
  • Update on any logistics coordination activities already underway



5                     Civil Military Coordination


  •      Latest Updates



6                     Air Operation


  • Airport (new/changed procedures and/or clearances)
  • Cargo Movements (bottlenecks, problems and solutions)

(Number of flights and tonnage)

  • Passenger movements (sub-sections as above)



7                     Infrastructure


Infrastructure (Roads, Bridges, Rail, Ports, Airports, Warehouse, Electricity)

  • Details/ main findings of assessments conducted
  • Future plans for joint assessment missions
  • Proposals for infrastructure projects
  • Infrastructure projects being implemented by other agencies/organizations
  • Warehouse availability and/or issues



8                     Transport Sector


  • Updates on the transport sectors



9                     Fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene) If needed


  • Fuel Prices per litre (please specify whether retail or wholesale)
  • Exchange Rate


10                 Other