3.5.2 COUNTRY NAME   Additional Suppliers


REPLACE THIS TEXT with a 2 - 3 paragraph narrative about the availability of operational support equipment or other relevant programme materials for local purchase/procurement at the manufacturing/production and wholesale levels only . This should be a high level overview of commercially available key commodities used in humanitarian operations and programming at the national/district levels (may include indications of main trading partners for import/export of these commodities). Key areas to look at (but not limited to) are: tents, water pumps, pipes, water tanks, computer / IT equipment, office furniture, potable water. ENSURE SUPPLIERS IDENTIFIED IN THESE PARAGRAPHS HAVE THEIR CONTACT DETAILS IN SECTION 4.10: Supplier Contact List. Create the list by completing the 4.10 template.

For more information on suppliers’ contact details, please see the following link:   HQ staff will input a link to section 4. 10 Supplier Contact List here.

Please copy the below section for each wholesale-level supplier assessed.


REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH A paragraph briefly describing any notable information regarding the specific supplier: how many years have they been operating; what are the main areas where they are active; do they have any regional affiliations/presence or are they strictly a national/local supplier, etc. If they provide equipment, is it available for rent or only for purchase?

Supplier Overview

Company Name




Does the supplier have its own production / manufacturing capacity?

Yes / No and INDICATE if the supplier is directly engaged in the production or manufacture of particular commodities.

Does the supplier have its own retail capacity?

Yes / No and INDICATE if the supplier provides commodities directly to the consumer or end user, or directly manages retail locations.

Does the supplier have its own transport capacity?

Yes / No

Does the supplier have its own storage facilities?

Yes / No

Approximate turnover in USD - $


Please identify the period of time linked to the figure, does it represent a monthly turn over, a quarterly turn over, a yearly turn over?

Payment Methods Accepted


Other Comments or Key Information


*Basic details for the main office should be shown here, additional contact details for local/regional offices and full contact details for the main office to be included in section 4.10 Supplier Contact List.


Other Locations


Service Location(s)

INSERT in each cell of this column the name of any Level 1 Administrative area (only 1 per row) where this supplier has service locations.

INSERT in each cell of this column the name of any major city (regional/district/provincial capitals) in the corresponding Level 1 Administrative area where this supplier has service locations.




Primary Goods / Commodities Available

Commodities by Type**

( SITC Rev 4 Division Code - Title)


24/27 - Crude materials, inedible, except fuel

i.e. fuel wood, crude fertilizers, sand/stone/gravel

Indicate in this column if goods are imported or produced / manufactured locally; any seasonal variations in stocks, or other limitations on availability.

51 to 59 - Chemical and related products

i.e. chlorine, pharmaceuticals, soaps, plastic tubes/pipes, chemical fertilizers


61 to 69 - Manufactured goods classified chiefly by material

i.e. rubber tyres, wood pallets, textiles, cement, iron/steel pipe fittings, copper wire, metal tanks


71 to 79 - Machinery and transport equipment

i.e. engine/machine parts, generators, sewing machines, pumps, telecoms equipment, vehicles


81 to 89 - Miscellaneous manufactured articles

i.e. prefabricated buildings, lighting fixtures, furniture, clothing, medical/surgical instruments


91/93/96/97 - Commodities not classified elsewhere



**For FOOD products please see section 3.5.1 Food Suppliers, and for FUEL/PETROLEUM products please see section 3.1 Fuel.


Disclaimer: Inclusion of company information in the LCA does not imply any business relationship between the supplier and WFP / Logistics Cluster, and is used solely as a determinant of services, and capacities.

Please note: WFP / Logistics Cluster maintain complete impartiality and are not in a position to endorse, comment on any company's suitability as a reputable service provider.