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Country name


Official country name

Republic of Colombia / República de Colombia

Assessment Details
From01 October 2020
To01 February 2021
Name of AssessorJesús Florez
Title and PositionLogistics Assistant

Table of Contents

Chapter Name of Assessor OrganizationDate Updated 

1 Colombia Country Profile

Jesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
1.1 Colombia Humanitarian BackgroundJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
1.2 Colombia Regulatory DepartmentsJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
1.3 Colombia Customs InformationJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021

2 Colombia Logistics Infrastructure

Jesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.1 Colombia Port AssessmentJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.1.1 Colombia Port of BuenaventuraJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.1.2 Colombia Port of BarranquillaJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.1.3 Colombia Port of CartagenaJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.1.4 Colombia Port of Santa MartaJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2 Colombia AviationJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.1 Colombia El Dorado International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.2 Colombia Ernesto Cortissoz International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.3 Colombia Alfonso Bonilla Arargon International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.4 Colombia Camilo Daza International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.5 Colombia Jose Maria Cordova International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.6 Colombia Palonegro International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.7 Colombia El Eden International AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.2.8 Colombia Antonio Narino National AirportJesús FlorezWFPFebruary 2021
2.3 Colombia Road NetworkPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
2.4 Colombia Railway AssessmentPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
2.5 Colombia Waterways AssessmentPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
2.6 Colombia Storage AssessmentPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
2.7 Colombia Milling AssessmentPablo BarajasWFPDec-14

3 Colombia Logistics Services

Pablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.1 Colombia FuelPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.2 Colombia TransportersPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.3 Colombia Additional Service ProvidersPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.4 Colombia Manual Labor CostsPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.5 Colombia TelecommunicationsPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.6 Colombia Food Suppliers, Accommodation and Other MarketsPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
3.7 Colombia Waste Management and Disposal ProvidersPablo BarajasWFPDec-14

4 Colombia Contact Lists

Pablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.1 Colombia Government Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.2 Colombia Humanitarian Agency Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.3 Colombia Laboratory and Quality Testing Company Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.4 Colombia Port and Waterways Company Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.5 Colombia Airport Company Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.6 Colombia Storage and Milling Company Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.7 Colombia Fuel Provider Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.8 Colombia Transporter Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.9 Colombia Additional Service Provision Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14
4.10 Colombia Railway Company Contact ListPablo BarajasWFPDec-14

5 Colombia Annexes

Pablo BarajasWFPDec-14
5.1 Colombia Acronyms and AbbreviationsPablo BarajasWFPDec-14