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Camcontrol Department

This Camcontrol Department is under the Ministry of Commerce and controls all the imported and exported food and non-food items for both quality and quantity, acting as superintendent. Its tasks include the following:

-       To regularly at a fixed time and date receive the reports on activities of each institution and department concerned and advise it on how to improve the national control system.

-       To receive work plans made by various institutions and departments related to their own fields and put forth all the proposals on the implementation in accordance with the agreed principles or on the coordination of those activities.

-       To put forth proposals and coordinate any control operations, particularly the prioritized issues which are related to any or all concern institutions or departments.

-       To build up programs of model work which are favourable for a better arrangement of the process of the analysing and testing laboratories.

-       To be responsible for the initiation of the process of an informative system on emergency in case there are any serious disasters occurring to consumers' safety and health.

-       To give ideas to be used as means of arbitration in case there are any competent conflicts arising between other ministries.

-       To annually write a report on its own activities stating the balance of the past activities, its work plan for the coming years and other useful proposals.

-       To be consulted on every drafted proposal and standard letter aimed at properly preparing according to practical circumstances or at supplementing the existing rules and regulations.


Department of Drugs, Food and Cosmetics

The department of Drugs, Food and Cosmetics is under the Ministry of Health, and performs as inspector, analysing all composition of drugs before allowing issuance of import permit. Without certificate of analysis from this department, Customs will not allow importing drugs.


Ministry of Post and Telecommunication

This ministry of Post and Telecommunication will issue the approval letter to allow all the telecommunication equipment to be imported and used in Cambodia. The approval letter from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication will be as supporting document for Customs to issue the import permit for the telecommunication equipment.


Customs House under Ministry of Economics and Finance

-       International trade facilitation and protection of the national economy and trade

-       Revenue collection (duties, taxes, and other charges)

-       Prevention, investigation, surveillance and suppression of smuggling and other Customs offenses including drug trafficking, dumping of hazardous wastes, etc.

-       Compilation of trade statistics, analysis of trade patterns, and provision of recommendations to policy makers.


Kampuchea Shipping Agency & Brokers (KAMSAB)

KAMSAB is the one of the department of Ministry of public work and transport, all vessel clearance (Import – Export) and cargo must be released to consignee by KAMSAB. All of KAMSAB services are compulsorily used as follows:

-    Applying for vessels Entry Permit into Cambodia Waters territory

-    Arranging vessels calling / departing Cambodia ports

-    Arranging berth, loading / discharging cargoes

-    Distributing arrival notices to all parties concerned

-    Issuing Delivery Orders to consignees to receive their cargoes upon vessels arrival

-    Assisting shippers to prepare documents of loading and exporting cargoes

-    Supplying ship owners with port information: location, draft restriction, aids navigation, loading /discharging facilities, warehouses, rates of loading/unloading etc.

-    Making estimation of port Disbursement for vessels calling at Cambodia ports

-    Handling cargoes claims and disputes, arranging salvage

-    Collecting freight

-    Attending to crew repatriation and replacement

-    Supplying provisions, fresh water, bunkering, spare parts etc.

-    Chartering vessels


For more information on regulatory departments and quality control laboratories’ contact details, please see the following links: 4.1 Cambodia Government Contact List and 4.3 Bangladesh Laboratory and Quality Testing Company Contact List .


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