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Port Overview

Garoua is a seasonal port on the Benué River. It serves the northern regions of Cameroon and its traffic is mostly with the neighbouring Nigeria. The port is active only for three/four months a year during the wet season, which ranges from May to August in northern Cameroon. Traffic at the port has decreased significantly due to a range of factors, including insecurity in the surrounding region, the construction of a hydro-power dam at Lagdo near Garoua which has contributed to the decrease of the volume of the drained water River Benué which supplies Garoua port, and the build-up of sand over recent years.

The management of the Port of Garoua is the responsibility of the town council. 

Key port information can also be found at: Maritime Database

Port Location and Contact



Province or District


Nearest Town or City with Distance from Port


Port's Complete Name

Garoua River Port


09° 19’ N


13° 21’ E

Nearest Airport and Airlines with Frequent International Arrivals/Departures



Port Picture

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Bollore Transport and Logistics is the only key company found in Garoua River Port, with offices in Ngaoundéré. 

For more information on port contacts, please see the following link: 4.4 Cameroon Port and Waterways Company Contact List

Port Performance

The port operates mainly during the rainy season, from June to October. The traffic is limited to large canoe with outboard engine (Nigeria-Cameroon). Outside the rainy season, when the river is dried, there is limited traffic (September to May).

Port Facilities

  • 250m of quay (2 quays)  
  • 12,000m2 of stocking yard; 
  • 6 warehouses of 4,800 m2

Port Handling Equipment

No container handling equipment available. Port is mostly for break bulk cargo, especially bags.